“Do Now” vs. “Due Now”: Work According to Plan, Not According to Deadlines

If you are always tackling your next deadline or latest e-mail, you will never find time to develop your business---or even just get ahead of your deadlines. If this sounds like you, the key is to start planning your schedule instead of letting your calendar dictate it.

Should Your Firm Ban Facebook?

Banning Facebook is likely to cause more problems then it solves.

Accepting Walk In Clients

Advice for deciding whether your law firm should accept walk in clients or not.

Big Lawyerist Announcement on Monday

A new issue of the Lawyerist Insider comes out on Monday, don't miss an exclusive offer for starting your own law firm!

Keep Your Inbox Empty

How to organize your email to keep your inbox empty.

Consider Client Testimonials

Testimonials offer a great opportunity to brag, gush and tell the world how great you are. Many times these few words offer a more trusted opinion than something your potential clients might hear from you.

Organize Group Communications

Use Cc: Betty to help organize projects and meetings.

TeuxDeux Rocks My Productive World

I have fallen in love with TeuxDeux (pronounced "to do"), a "simple, design-y to-do app." It has no bells and whistles, just a beautifully simple interface and the tools you need to rough out your days.

Organize Your Social Media Campaign

Social media should be part of your marketing campaign. Like any other marketing technique, however, it needs to be organized and focused. Consider using a social media calendar to maximize your efforts.

The Ants Go Marching One-by-One (the End of the Year of Twitter?)

How many people tweet only to step in line with the ant in front of them? The goal in any marketing tool should be to support your overall marketing strategy. Before embarking on a new method, consider the following ant-colony-related questions.