Connecting to Clients with Mobile Apps

Mobile smartphone apps have become important tools for businesses in almost every sector.

Design Communication 101

Communicating with your designer is key to any successful project. Satisfaction with the results depends on clear design communication and defined expectations.

Add Additional Security to Your Gmail Account

Lawyers using Gmail should use the two-step verification system for additional security.

Focus Your Rural Job Search

Your rural job search will be overwhelming if you don't focus your efforts.

Prevent Clients from Waiving the Attorney-Client Privilege

A large part of clients' trust comes from the protection of the attorney-client privilege. But are your clients inadvertently waiving that privilege?

Evernote Tips & Tricks

Use Evernote to Streamline Processes and Increase Productivity

Create and sync documents between your mobile device, computer, and the web with Evernote

Above The Law Goes Small Law

For all you small law readers/bloggers out there, I encourage you to add these new Above The Law small law columns to your feed readers.

Humble Pie: Improve Legal Professionalism with Humility

A quick discussion on the ideal of humility in relationships and experience in the legal profession.

Law Firm Style Manual: Why You Need One, How to Make One

Developing a law firm style manual is well worth the time and effort to your law practice.

Contract Lawyer: Get the Most Out of Your Gig

How contract lawyers can make the most out of a contract lawyer gig.