Counsel, Have You Seen Yourself in Court Lately?

How lawyers can create a positive perception when in court.

Document Review Projects Are Not All Equal

Document review projects are not all equal. Pay rate, length of project, location of document review and if there is overtime all make a difference.

Specialized JD Programming: Majoring in Law School

Should law schools offer majors, concentration, certificate or other specialized academic programs within the JD curriculum

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Client testimonials can be an effective tool for lawyer marketing. Learn how to ask for testimonials and what kinds of testimonials are most effective.

Dealing with an Agricultural Real Estate Bubble

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Job Interview Follow-Up

Writing an eye-catching "thank you for meeting with me" letter is helpful, but persistent follow-up is key. And yes, take the extra time to send a real letter.

Ethics vs. Professionalism: Is Groupon Feasible for Lawyers?

Can lawyers advertise legal services on Groupon? There seem to be many ethical and professional pitfalls involved for lawyers who are considering it.

How Lawyers Can Respond to Angry E-mails

How lawyers can respond to angry emails from other attorneys and opposing counsel.