Marketing Strategies: Facebook Interactions vs Blog Comments

Continue to blog for content marketing, show of expertise and visibility, but add the engagement of a Facebook Page for credibility and community

How Great Business Meetings Go Bad

Why are your business meetings so awful? The other attendees have read this handy guide.

12 Tips for a Successful Bar Exam

12 tips for a successful bar exam experience, from application, smart studying, exercise and nutrition, and a top tool for managing the test day.

Name Calling: I Know You Are, But What Am I?

Sometimes it's healthy to examine name calling. I've been called some interesting names, and when it happens, I know I've won the argument.

Online Legal Publishing Is A Waste Of Time

When you think of online legal publishing, what come to mind? Legal articles & alerts like those found at JDSupra? The posts of legal bloggers like those found on the Lexblog network? Legal social media discussions like #LegalChat or legal facebook pages? Legal guides and answers like those found on Avvo's free legal advice section?

Use Tasker to Secure Your Smartphone

How attorneys can secure their smartphone using Tasker for Android.

In Negotiation, Empathy is a Martial Art

In negotiation, self control and empathy are more important than a sharp mind or sharp tongue.

How Long Have You Been in Practice (or Not)? (Poll)

Are you a lawyer? If so, how long have you been in practice?

Can Mentoring be Replaced by Blogs and Social Networks?

Kevin O’Keefe thinks blogs and social networks may replace mentors for new lawyers. Scott Greenfield thinks this will basically destroy the practice of law. They are both a bit right and a bit wrong. Blogs and social networks are poor replacements for an offline mentor, but I don’t think many lawyers think they are. Local […]

Men: Express Yourself with Cufflinks

Learn how to wear cufflinks, where to buy them, and why they may be the most fun accessory in your closet.