Health Insurance Options for Solo Attorneys

There are many health insurance options for solo attorneys. Insurance is an essential consideration when starting a law firm or solo practice.

3 Tips to Avoid Law School FAIL

3 tips on how to avoid law school FAIL. Simplify, outline, and attend.

4 Mistakes Lawyers Make with Expert Witnesses

Expert witness testimony can make or break a case. However, in many cases, important parts of the expert’s testimony are excluded or the expert fails to win over the jury.

Free the Lunch Break!

Working through lunch is counter-productive, bad for your health, and wastes your best chance to network. Take a lunch break!

How to Create a Compelling Video Headline

Video marketing requires optimized video set-up. Here's how to create a compelling headline for your law firm's videos.

Don’t Look Dumb: Proofread Your Writing

Proofread your legal writing to avoid losing your credibility or your argument.

A Case for Business Cards for Lawyers

Are you a lawyer who thinks that it's time to toss your business cards? What will you hand your cable guy?

Surviving Your First Month of Law School

Here are some tips to ease the transition and put you on the path experiencing law school success.

Tips for the Breastfeeding Lawyer

In belated honor of World Breastfeeding Week, here are some tips for the breastfeeding lawyer.

Ethical Issues when Leaving a Firm to Go Solo

When leaving a firm to start your own practice there are serious ethical issues to keep in mind. The fastest way to ruin your solo practice is a disciplinary action or disbarment.