PacerPro is a Better Way to Use PACER

PacerPro’s creator, Gavin McGrane, doesn’t have many negative things to say about PACER. Without PACER, he points out, nearly all federal court filings would be effectively inaccessible. Fine, fine. PACER is still a horrible user experience.

Today McGrane showed me around PacerPro, his free alternative to PACER’s clunky user interface. PacerPro is still adding courts, and McGrane wants to do much more with search, but even as-is, using PacerPro is light years better than using PACER. You can keep track of all your cases in one place, search multiple courts’ PACER databases from a single search box, get search results that actually give you the information you need, download an entire docket with one click, and much more (here’s the product overview PDF).

Even better, PacerPro won’t let users pay for a document more than once. If multiple users are watching the same docket, it will even run a round-robin to evenly distribute the PACER fees.

If you have anything to do with the federal courts, do yourself a favor and sign up for a free PacerPro account right now.

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  1. Avatar Anna May says:

    Hi Sam,

    PacerPro has released several new features, including a very exciting Litigant Profiling tool, Bankruptcy and Appellate courts, the ECF/”free look” service and more. If you had a minute, we’d love to show you what we’ve been up to the last year and half.


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