Thanks for checking in for week three of our ongoing Saturday afternoon Lawyerist poll series.

We use these weekly polls to get your feedback on both the posts we write and how we manage the site. Your participation helps us improve our work and make it more valuable to you.

Last week, we asked you why you read Lawyerist. It turns out that you come here for a variety of the topics we cover each week, from technology, to marketing, to law school tips, and solo practice success.

As a follow-up to last week’s question, we want to hear about the other types of sites you visit regularly (not including your own).

Please take 10 seconds and let us know. Your input is appreciated!

In addition to letting us know the types of sites you visit, please use the “other” field to let us know one specific favorite site of yours (other than your own or Lawyerist).

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