Being the designated Mac fanboy on Lawyerist has plenty of perks. The foremost being I use Apple products, which generally make my life better. My iPhone makes my practice mobile, and my various Macs keep my practice running smoothly.

One consistent annoyance, however, is that Mac OS X does not easily resize windows. Fortunately, a new application called Doublepane takes care of that problem.

How it works

Doublepane is available at the Mac App store for $2.99. Frankly, if you work with a number of open windows, this could be the best $2.99 you spend.

With the click of your mouse, Doublepane will move a window left or right and resize it so that only fills half your screen. That makes it easy to take two open windows and have them equally share your monitor’s space. You can also click to have the window fill the screen, or restore it to it’s half-screen former self.

The app automatically installs itself in the menu bar, making it easy to find and easy to use.

Why you should use it

If you do any writing and you use a Mac, you need this app. Working with tabs is ok for certain things, but not for writing.¬†When I write blog posts, I write in one window and have another one next to it for reviewing the product. When I work on briefs, I write in one window and use the window next door for opposing counsel’s brief, caselaw research, or attachments.

It is not hard to resize windows on your own, but it is a pain and it is a consistent waste of time. Plus, if you close a program or something crashes, you have to manually resize all over again. For $2.99, you will save yourself a ton of time. Saving time makes you more efficient, which makes you more productive.


  1. Avatar michael says:

    Have you tried divvy? It also does this, but seems to be more customizable.

  2. Avatar Quinn says:

    I discovered DoublePane a few months ago and am glad to see it mentioned here. There are lots of other options out there (like Divvy), but I prefer the simplicity of DoublePane. It’s just EASY to use, without a lot of effort. It’s clean and streamlined. Yes, there are less bells and whistles, but it does EXACTLY what I want it to.

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