If you work at a firm with more than two employees, you have undoubtedly encountered long email chains in reference to a case, an upcoming meeting, or marketing event. From my brief experience of corporate life, long email chains quickly becoming unreadable and distilling the useful information is skill within itself. A new program, Cc: Betty, may help solve that problem.

Essentially, Cc: Betty creates a web page for designated users and organizes the discussion to make it easy to see who has responded, what documents have changed hands, etc. You can start a webpage by either going to www.ccbetty.com, or add betty@ccbetty.com to any email and the site will create a page for you. For now, the site and services provided are free.

The advantage to using the service is that it if you lose track of someone’s response, or a document, you can return to your webpage and it should be there. The downside is that you are theoretically creating another step by having to go to the webpage. Another downside is that your firm may be adverse to sharing legal documents on a webpage. That said, for marketing, and simply organizing meetings, Cc: Betty is worth a shot.

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The Small Firm ScorecardTM

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The practice of law is changing. You need to understand whether your firm is positioned for success in the coming years. Our free Small Firm Scorecard will identify your firm’s strengths and weaknesses in just a few minutes.

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