Gmail is the preferred work email for many attorneys, including yours truly. Google recently integrated Google Calendar into Gmail, making it even easier to use both to help manage your practice. A new application called Etacts will help you organize your Gmail account, making it even more useful.

Keep track of emails you have not responded to

Once you install Etacts, it can automatically organize your emails for you. For example, emails that you have not yet responded to. If you are not good about emptying out your inbox, that is a nice tool to have. It can also bump up emails in priority–if they are from an address that you frequently correspond with.

Organize your contacts

Etacts can also sort your emails to show you people you have not contacted lately. For marketing and networking purposes, that makes it very easy to remind yourself of people you need to touch base with. Etacts can also integrate your phone calls into that sorting, making it even more comprehensive.

Track sent emails

Etacts will also keep track of your outgoing emails, and can notify you if you have not gotten a response. For busy attorneys, that can be a lifesaver.


Etact is an application that works outside of Gmail, so you have to give it permission to access your Gmail account. Given the recent concerns about privacy with cloud computing, you may be understandably leery about sharing your cloud access with yet another person. Personally, I am skeptical about the security of a third-party application. But every lawyer, and every firm, needs to make their own reasoned decision.

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