3879384912_76cf37cb48Macs are born awesome, but add some of these applications and watch your productivity soar.

  1. Dropbox. An online harddrive, like an IDisk/MobileMe drive, but oh so much better. Dropbox is much, much faster than IDisk. You can install it on multiple computers and sync all of your files. It does a fantastic job of updating instantly and integrates very well with OS X. 2 GB of online storage is free.
  2. Things/Studiometry. Both programs are task-management/organizational programs. I tried Things for 30-days and forgot about it after two. Studiometry is getting rave reviews from a fellow Mac user, and from what I have seen, it is far superior to Things. Things retails for $49.95 and Studiometry costs $199.95.
  3. BusyCal. I have not tried it yet, but it appears to be a cross between ICal and Google Calendar. In other words, a better version of ICal. One massive upside is the ability to sync with more than one device. Retails for $40.
  4. Coconut Battery. If you have a laptop, this is must own, and it is free. Coconut Battery will show you how much battery life you have, and how that compares with the original capacity. Very useful to determine when you need a battery.

Macs rock, add some new applications and rock even harder.

20+ Mac Apps to Increase Your Productivity | Mashable

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  1. Jay Parkhill says:

    Studiometry is a project management, time entry and billing tool. It is quite powerful and inexpensive for what you get. All the products I found with the same featuresets were 5-10x the cost. I used it for about 2 years and was extremely happy with many things about it.

    Unfortunately it is also a 1 man shop, I believe. Support is basically nonexistent. I even offered to sign up for their paid support option (repeatedly) and never even got a response.

    Still, it is the best professional time entry & invoicing system I found that works on Mac. 5 stars for features, less 3 if you need support.

  2. Andrea Hable says:

    OmniFocus is my favorite for task management/organization, with the caveat that it probably works best for people familiar with GTD. There’s also an iPhone app that can be set to sync automatically. The pair is great for adding items on the go, but I wouldn’t buy just the app.

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