After I was evangelizing about recently, a colleague in California pointed out that OOo, unlike Word, does not have a convenient wizard or template for making legal pleadings for states like California that require line numbering. He is right, but there are plenty of good templates available online, like these from (search down the page for “California”).


  1. Anonymous says:

    Since your original post in 2007, OpenOffice does offer this feature in OpenOffice or LibreOffice 3.4. Go to Tools -> Line Numbering. Turn on the Line numbering, then set the frequency at the bottom. For California, you will want to “Restart every new page.”

  2. (This is in response to the above commentator) Yes, you can use the ‘line numbering’ function to make the 28 line California or Nevada pleadings, but it doesn’t manipulate very well.

    My recommendation is to use the templates you can find on OpenOffice by googling “california pleading openoffice”

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