Guest post by Kelly Spradley.

There are many features which can be added to a law firm website in order to make it more of a communication device. Features include sharing documents online, receiving payments, and capturing electronic signatures. They deliver more value to clients, and allow for lawyers to justify charges. Other website functions, such as showing more than 1 language or blogging, serve to convert more web visitors into clients.

A poll was conducted by Impirus Legal Websites to determine the legal industry’s interest in website functionality. The poll was shown to Linkedin users in the United States who are in the legal industry. There were 51 respondents.

The question was asked, “In which law firm website functionality are you most interested?”

The answer choices were:

  • Share documents with clients
  • Capture electronic signatures
  • Receive online payments
  • Blog
  • Show more than 1 language

The overall results show that 43% of respondents are most interested in sharing documents with clients through a law firm website. Next, 25% of respondents are most interested in having a blog as a part of a website. A similar number, 21% of respondents, are most interested in being able to receive payments through a law firm website. There was not as much interest in being able to capture electronic signatures (1%), or in showing more than 1 language (7%).

Kelly Spradley is the vice president of marketing and sales at Impirus.

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