Driving to your local CLE conference center and attending CLEs can be a pain when your schedule is full. Although many states are starting to roll out online CLEs, they are not always reserved for the best CLEs.

Rocket Matter, which also makes practice management software, has just announced an online CLE program, RocketCLE, and it’s worth checking out.

How it works

The program just launched and currently has five CLEs available, which focus on legal ethics along with tips on individual productivity and law firm efficiency.

The programs are available for purchase on RocketCLE’s website. The programs vary from $19.99 to $49.99 per CLE. Each program is available online on demand—a user can access them whenever they choose.

As of this post, the courses are accredited in Florida only, but the company has applications pending in Illinois, California, Texas, and New York. They also note that many other states honor reciprocal CLE credits.

Users of Rocket Matter’s practice management software get a 50% discount on all CLEs.

Give it a shot

I have two gripes with other online CLEs. One, many of them are only available streaming live—they are not available “on demand.” Two, the ones I have watched online have terrible technological issues or bad video quality.

I watched “Seven Ways to Make a Law Firm More Efficient” on RocketCLE and was generally pleased.

The video quality was solid, although it was odd that the default video setting is pretty tiny. The reason that is a problem is that the video shows the presenter and slides. The slides were impossible to read in the default tiny setting. When I blew up the video to full screen, the slides were bigger, but the video quality was lower, which left them still difficult to read. That said, I am willing to bet RocketCLE will fix that issue in the future.

Overall, the subject matter and presentation of the CLE was solid, even a notch above what I am accustomed to. If you are looking for a new way to check out a CLE, and you can credit for it, give RocketCLE a shot.

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