Just to add one more point to the post on Blog Comments: What Not to Do.

Don’t comment anonymously on cases you or your office is litigating. Especially if you are a federal proscutor. And in particular if you are commenting in response to stories appearing on the website of a major newspaper. And if in your comments you flame federal judges and your own boss, that’s probably bad too. Doing all these things cost this prosecutor his job and might cost him his license as well. Another good reason to use your real name in all your online commentary.


  1. Susan Gainen says:

    I think that it is also fair to note that should you find yourself posting 600 caustic comments to any particular blog or website in six months that you may want to have someone disconnect you from the internet.

  2. Terry.A says:

    Funny that something like this post even needs to be said. I hope I might be forgiven for thinking it to be common sense, though it reminds me of an actual case which was recently in the legal news in respect of which a lawyer had tweeted naughty and derogatory things about the opposition. Suffice it to say the matter went public and in the en the lawyer had to face the consequences.

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