At the LawLytics blog, The Slippery Slope, Dan Jaffe wrote a really excellent, detailed analysis of “innovative” business models built around repackaging lawyers and legal services like commodities. He uses Avvo Advisor as an example in his post, but Jaffe’s analysis applies just as well to many of the legal startups trying to innovate in the “legal space.”

Putting lawyer advertising next to advertising for DIY legal kits is a bad idea for the public and for lawyers because of the subconscious association. To the layman, it appears that lawyers and DIY solutions are competing. It appears that they are different paths to the same solution.

You know what, though? Just read the whole article. It’s long, which is why I only just now read it, but it is worth a read.

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  1. Attorneys need to discover ways to differentiate themselves from both other attorneys and DIY legal services by developing a focused differentiation strategy. Attorneys commoditize themselves by competing on price, by using the same cliche legal marketing speak in their advertisements.

    Before non-attorney ownership of law firms accelerates commoditization as well as introducing savvy business minded people into the lucrative business of consumer law.

    Differentiate your firm. Now. January 2015 is a perfect time to turn over a new leaf.

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