Just because lawyers traditionally stick to blue or black ink is no excuse not to be distinctive. Baystate Blue, from Noodler’s Ink, is one of the most-distinctive inks you will ever find. It is an intense, cobalt-blue ink that jumps off the page as if it were battery-powered.

Despite that description, Baystate Blue is professional-looking. Maybe that is because it is based on a classic ink popular in Colonial Massachusetts and therefore the sort of ink you might expect to find in the writing desks of the Founding Fathers.

Here is a sample or my writing with Baystate Blue. My camera didn’t quite capture the electric-ness of the ink on the page, but this looks close.


I wrote that with the free fountain pen that comes with larger bottles of Baystate Blue, by the way. It’s a dirt-cheap Platinum Preppy with some modifications, but it’s actually really nice to write with (no really; I have a couple of ridiculously nice fountain pens, and I love writing with the Preppy). They just tend to leak after a couple of months of getting banged around in my pocket. Which brings me to the downside of Baystate Blue.

If you already use fountain pens, you know they can get a bit messy. Baystate Blue compounds that problem, because it stains the heck out of anything it touches. That intensity of color apparently comes from being one of the most-impossible-to-clean inks you will find. If I get some on my fingers, it takes two showers before it is gone. If you have a clear converter, it will be blue-tinted once you use Baystate Blue in it. That’s why I use it mainly in the Preppy.

So don’t change your ink while wearing a dress shirt. But do use Baystate Blue. It stands out — in a good way — and so will your writing.


  1. That might actually be good for signatures. I do all of my signatures in blue.

    • Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

      Signatures are, unfortunately, one of the few things I actually get to write by hand anymore. Although the federal courts have taken even that small pleasure away from me. Still, Baystate Blue makes for a particularly dashing signature.

  2. Chad Murray says:

    When I bought my first fountain pen (Lamy Safari, blue), I picked up a bottle of Noodler’s Midnight Blue. I like it, but it’s way too close to black. I think I’ll be putting Baystate on the shopping list. Like Jordan, I sign everything in blue (or green).

  3. Dexter Black says:

    You have nice handwriting!

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