I am a huge proponent of using technology to your advantage as a lawyer. To a degree, technology has made sweeping changes in lawyers practice. Business cards, however, are still an important marketing tool that cannot be replaced.

Your card reflects your personality

Your business card is your calling card, an extension of you and your practice. The design of your card sends a message about your personality. Is your card glossy and annoying? Well, then maybe you are. Is your card modest and to the point? You are probably a relatively reserved lawyer. Creative individuals tend to have more interesting business cards and perhaps more dynamic personalities.

This is relevant because potential clients can pick up on these subliminal clues and may remember you (or not) because of how your card looks. When I am networking, I am always amazed when interesting individuals pull out crummy business cards. People will remember your personality, but your card is a physical reminder of who you are.

Easy to carry, easy to hand out

It drives me crazy when I meet someone and they tell me “email me, it’s [my name] at [my firm].” Look, if I just met you, I will probably forget your name. If I remember it, I will probably spell it wrong. Worse yet, some firm websites are difficult to navigate, and difficult to find people.

Handing someone a card takes approximately three seconds. Pulling out your smartphone and typing in an email address can be cumbersome, and you have to ask people how to spell their name, etc. It is not nearly as convenient as taking a card and putting it in your pocket.

Carrying a nice card makes you look good, and easy to get in touch with, which is what networking is all about.

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