In a head-to-head, feature-to-feature battle, CNET picks the Nexus One as the better phone.

Couple the N1’s advantages with a lower overall price tag and Google’s ability to keep the sci-fi-like apps coming, and it should be a contender—if not the clear choice—for the space in your pocket.

Google Nexus One versus IPhone 3GS – The War Is On | FutureLawyer


  1. Randall Ryder says:

    4.5 v. 4.4 overall? That’s too close to call.

    This analysis is about which phone is “better,” not which phone is “better suited to a technologically savvy lawyer who wants the best smartphone for their practice.”

    Assuming smartphone owners want to access the internet, watch this video to see the difference…

  2. Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

    You are right. When considering which phone is “better suited to a technologically-savvy lawyer who wants the best smartphone for their practice,” the score would be more like 10-1, with the N1 coming out on top.

    That video has nothing to do with the phone, and everything to do with the network. If you want the network with the lowest customer satisfaction rating, definitely get the iPhone.

  3. Randall Ryder says:

    I’m sorry, I didn’t see that portion of the video from CNET where they make that claim. Actually, I cannot find anything on the Internets that’s even remotely close to that.

    Let’s make our own video, test them both, and see what the results are.

  4. Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

    It isn’t in the CNET video, but it’s true: Everybody Hates AT&T.

    As for the score, I made that up, obviously. Both phones are perfectly good for the tech-savvy legal professional. At the moment, the iPhone has the advantage of a slick Dropbox and Freshbooks app, but that probably only concerns you, me, and a handful of other tech-savvy legal professionals.

  5. Still waiting… Verizon claims N1 this spring. In Chicago, AT&T is simply a non-starter. Don’t know how much longer I can avoid not buying a droid.

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