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Zola Suite All-in-One CRM to Accounting

Zola Suite practice management software is an all-in-one system with built-in CRM, firm accounting, document assembly, and more. Much of its strength comes from its all encompassing nature. Yet, it still maintains robust, relevant integrations where necessary.

Client Relationship Manager (CRM)

With Zola, law firms don’t need to add extraneous items to their legal tech stack just to fulfill their basic needs. Zola Suite has a built-in CRM, among other things. This means your firm can manage more than just your client contact information. You can take a file from a potential new client all the way to a satisfied, paying customer. All within one single source of truth.

Document Assembly

Since Zola is part of the AbacusNext family, their features go beyond just CRM. They integrate directly with HotDocs (also part of the AbacusNext family) to make your document assembly more streamlined. But this isn’t just a simple integration. Zola has partnered with HotDocs to allow users to access all the information in their system.

Zola Suite Interview

If you’d like to hear more about how an all-in-one system can help your law firm, check out Zack’s interview with Fred Cohen, from Zola Suite. Here, he explains why their idea of building, rather than integrating, benefits firms.

How to Get It

Want to learn more about Zola Suite? Check out our full review, where you can get user feedback, compare features, and see more demo videos.If you’re eager to jump right in, though, you can go straight to and get a free demo.

Get Beyond Default View with Zola’s New Customizable Dashboards

Zola Suite’s All-in-One-Platform now gives you the ability to configure a custom dashboard for your firm

Zola Suite has now added the ability to customize default case management dashboards to individual user needs. This enhances the already powerful all-in-one law practice management system’s ability to quickly provide relevant information to law firms—which is Zola’s overwhelming strength.

This update, however, means matter data, client information, and common reports are right in front of you—exactly where you want, right when you login. The order of this information (and even whether or not it’s there) is based on who is using the platform. Now, your intake specialists can focus on the built-in Client Relationship Manager (CRM), while your billing team can concentrate on unbilled activity, accounts receivable, and user timekeeping progress.

Since Zola Suite is an all-in-one practice management solution, the user dashboard can show information other cloud-based practice management systems need third-party software to provide. This includes, accounts payable, income and expenses breakdown, and a CRM overview.

However, the advantages of Zola’s comprehensive solution goes beyond the quick-views and a customizable case management dashboard. The platform’s end-to-end nature necessitates advanced features like firm accounting, and allows for complex reporting like origination, and productivity reports.

Zola Suite Demo

Watch a demo of Zola Suite’s comprehensive law practice management platform.

Learn More about Zola Suite:

If you’d like to learn more about what Zola can do for your firm, take a look at our full product review, or get a free trial at