The Small Firm Roadmap Revisited is now on sale in paperback and e-book. Written by Lawyerist CEO Stephanie Everett and co-founder Aaron Street, this second edition of the 2019 bestseller, The Small Firm Roadmap, explores new and updated concepts crucial to modern small law firms in a post-COVID-19 pandemic world and beyond.

A Necessary Revisit 

Readers of Roadmap will remember the authors predicting a surge in remote work and the need for digital fluency. While they couldn’t foresee the changes COVID-19 would thrust on the world and the legal industry, they saw the rising trend clearly. In Revisited, Everett and Street double down and offer more applied insight into why there is no room for Luddite lawyers in a modern legal industry. Now, more than ever, proficiency in legal tech systems and digital communication are imperative to running a people-centered small law firm.  

Guiding Healthier Firms

Using Lawyerist’s Healthy Firm framework, Revisited tackles six essential areas of business: strategy, team, clients, systems, profits, and owners. According to Everett and Street, while the concept of a “healthy business” was prevalent throughout Roadmap, the language had yet to be developed. 

In Revisited, readers will follow the Healthy Firm framework through each chapter. Everett and Street offer expert insights and practical and actionable advice during each stage. Readers will find easy-to-implement tips and strategies to envision and build the healthy and people-centric firm they dream about.

 “We’re really focused on how to build a healthier small firm that’s not only bigger, or more profitable, or automated,” said Stephanie. “But a place that’s supportive of balance and growth for our clients and our employees and the owners.”

Rethinking Partnership

One new concept explored by Everett and Street is the idea of owners versus partners. In Revisited, the pair argue it is time to change the language around what it means to be an owner and what it means to be a partner. “We’re advocating that the word partner is a disservice to clear thinking about how a law firm should best be structured and managed,” said Aaron. “Too often, partnership is thought of as a career path where senior employees, senior lawyers, and a firm get to become partner as a seniority promotion.”

“Too often, partnership is thought of as a career path…”

aaron street

While this idea may be controversial to some, Everett and Street believe there is a firm distinction between the two. “Just because someone has made partner does not make them a great entrepreneur who has clear thinking about taking risks in anticipation of future return,” said Stephanie. Owners, on the other hand, play an entrepreneurial and strategic role and are investing in the future of the business. 

The Small Firm Roadmap Revisited is for sale in paperback and e-book at and wherever you buy books. The audiobook is coming soon.

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Last updated July 17th, 2023