POSH virtual answering service helps you manage the incoming phone calls for your law office. This is typical of a virtual receptionist provider. Now, however, they also help you make calls and send texts from your mobile phone without giving up your privacy. 

POSH Mobile App for Law Office Answering Services

First and foremost, the POSH mobile app lets you manage your law office’s virtual receptionist (VR) service from your phone. You can let the VRs know you are available for phone calls, you can check messages, and change incoming call management. These are all things you can do from the web app as well.

For those who like to answer their business phones while in the office yet have them managed while out and about, POSH makes it effortless. You can easily control when to forward calls to the virtual receptionists. It’s as simple as clicking a button in the app. The “On” button sends the calls to the POSH VRs, while “Off” lets you take calls in your office normally.

More than managing your incoming calls, though, the mobile app lets you make outbound calls and text messages. These communications will be sent from your business line, not your mobile number. So, your clients benefit from communicating with you more directly, but they don’t get your personal number.

Check out the video below for more information on call forwarding.

How to Get It

Ready to learn more, check out our full review of POSH Virtual Receptionists. Here, you can read about more features of law office answering services, user reviews, and comparisons to other products. Don’t forget that Lawyerist subscribers get a discounted Affinity Benefit. 

Are you ready to dive right in? Connect with POSH directly and get a free trial at https://posh.com.

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Last updated August 30th, 2023