MyCase automated workflows are a quick and easy way to streamline your standardized practices, saving you time and improving your productivity.


When you open a new case or prepare for trial, you’ll often have the same tasks, events, and even templates that need to be completed for each case. Writing out those same tasks, deadlines, and appointments for every new matter you start is time consuming and mind numbing. With MyCase’s workflows, you’ll be able to automate your firm’s standardized practices, or create custom workflows, to instantly generate tasks, deadlines, events, and templates with just a click.

Creating a workflow is easy. From the settings page, click the “Set Up Workflows” button in MyCase. Once you click that button, a popup appears where you can name your workflow and list the trigger dates to generate your workflow. Trigger dates are where you will name the dates and timelines you’ll be using in your workflow. You can have up to four trigger dates on one workflow.

MyCase Screenshot 02 New Workflow

After you’ve added all your trigger dates, simply click “Add Workflow” to be taken to a new page where you can add individual tasks, events, and templates to your new workflow to truly customize it to your needs. Once you’ve completed adding the specifics, you’ll be able to apply the workflow with all its associated tasks and events you’ve created to cases from the case details page.

Creating workflows that instantly generate tasks, deadlines, and templates helps improve your productivity and output, saves you time, and makes sure you never miss an important court deadline or task, all with a single click.

How to Get it

To learn more about MyCase and its automated workflows, visit MyCase for a free demo today.

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Last updated March 12th, 2019