This month, Stephanie Everett and Zack Glaser are appearing at ACLEA, Georgia State University College of Law, and joining an episode of the Be That Lawyer podcast.

Stephanie Everett Speaks at ACLEA’s 58th Mid-Year Meeting

January 23-24, 2022, Austin, Texas

Stephanie Everett joins ACLEA, the Network for CLE Professionals, to talk KPIs and robots at their 58th Mid-Year Meeting in Austin, Texas January 22-24, 2022.

You’ll find Stephanie on two panels during the event. First, on Measuring Success, Stephanie and fellow panelists discuss how CLE providers can assess whether they’ve delivered programs valuable to both speakers and attorneys. As a regular conference speaker, Stephanie will share thoughts on how speakers evaluate ROI and ways organizers can ensure speakers have a successful experience.  

Next, Stephanie joins a panel to discuss Will (and Should) Law Firm CLE and Professional Development “Go Back to Normal”: What We’ve Learned and What We’ll Keep Post-Covid. Law firms had to shift how they trained lawyers and provided programming during the pandemic. This panel will discuss how firms can support training and integration of newer and lateral team members in a more remote world. Stephanie will share how both Lawyerist, a remote-first team even before the pandemic, and law firms she coaches tackle these issues, including how Lawyerist used telepresence robots during Lawyerist’s LabCon conference. 

Stephanie Everett Teaches Essential Interviewing Skills at GSU College of Law

January 26, 2022, Atlanta, Georgia

For the fourth year running, Stephanie Everett addresses the first-year law students at Georgia State University College of Law to prepare them for the upcoming interview season. In a session with lots of stories, Stephanie will share the do’s and don’ts for preparing for an interview, answering interview questions, handling sticky situations, and even the dreaded meal-time interview (Can I order a glass of wine?). Students from past sessions applaud Stephanie’s candor in giving them real-world information that will help them secure their first legal jobs. And a glass of wine is probably ok, but Stephanie has rules to follow!

You’ll find other sample keynotes on our Speakers page. 

Zack joins Steve Fretzin for the 150th episode of the Be That Lawyer podcast to discuss specifics of using legal technology in your practice. They talk about how to create processes and procedures—and where to document them. They also discuss how to use business productivity apps like Google Suite and Microsoft 365. Later on, they outline steps you can take to build efficiencies into your practices, including delegating jobs so you can focus on higher-level tasks. You may even get to hear about some of Zack’s favorite restaurants in rural South Dakota.

Listen to the full episode here

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Last updated August 30th, 2023