Lawyerist recently welcomed Karen Graves, business coach, to the team. Karen brings over 15 years of business coaching experience. She’ll work primarily with Lawyerist Lab members in “Phase 2” of their business, helping them scale and grow from the foundations they’ve built. Her passion lies in getting businesses past hurdles while setting their infrastructure, then expanding into growth.

“Karen’s seen it all and worked with businesses at every stage of the growth cycle,” said CEO Stephanie Everett. “We are so fortunate to welcome her to the team. She is also a sales powerhouse. If you’re a lawyer intimidated by sales, you’ve found your sales Yoda!”

Karen began her career in pharmaceuticals as a sales rep and hospital sales rep. From there, she transitioned to a sales trainer role, then to sales training manager. After 10 years at Pfizer and facing an impending merger and acquisition, Karen decided it was time for something new.

Her Background Helped Small Businesses Master Sales

So, Karen dove head-first into the world of business coaching. Coincidentally, she was getting her coaching certification at the same time as her departure from Pfizer. “I started asking, ‘what do people really need help with that I have the skill set for?’” said Karen. She soon came back to sales. “Small business owners don’t know how to sell. I wanted to help coach them,” she said.

“If you’re a lawyer intimidated by sales, you’ve found your sales Yoda!”

stephanie everett

Karen soon realized that small business owners needed more than just sales help. They needed to know how to market, identify clients, and understand their budget. “I started learning the whole spectrum,” she said. “I began teaching entrepreneurs how to write business plans and helping get their businesses up and running.”

Karen Helps Businesses Stabilize, Scale, and Grow 

Like many small business owners, Karen’s expertise grew as her understanding of small business pain points expanded. She saw communication as a common breakdown area and started looking at ways to improve customer service and management. She fine-tuned and focused on key levers that help businesses stabilize, scale, and grow.

Karen joined the Lawyerist team in October after resonating with our emphasis on building not only healthy business but healthy people. “I was looking for a team environment and an organization that values the people that they’re serving and that really focuses on what’s important. Those are key pieces of what it takes to run a successful and healthy business,” she said.

She is looking forward to connecting with small law firm owners in Lawyerist Lab because connecting with people is what she does best. She is excited to watch them apply what they’ve learned and watch them grow and thrive. 

Welcome to the team, Karen! 

Want to work with Karen and start your journey to a healthier law firm? Apply to Lawyerist Lab.

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Last updated November 18th, 2022