I just came across an impressive–and free!–timekeeping and billing utility, FreshBooks. I gave FreshBooks a test run, and it is pretty smooth. It includes a timer for timing tasks, which is a wonderful feature. And it generates nice invoices that your clients can access online, another nice touch.

The only downside, as with all web apps, is that you must be connected to the internet to use FreshBooks. This is not a big deal for most, though, and a big advantage for many.

Check it out.


  1. Hey, Sunir from FreshBooks here,

    Thanks for the kind words, Sam!

    P.S. I love that you’re a lawyer advocating has a warm place in my heart.

  2. Sam Glover says:

    You’re welcome. I like the site, and I am going to give it a full test run on my next hourly project.

    As for OOo, it’s just as good as MS Office for 95% of users, including attorneys. Plus, attorneys need to stop feeding Microsoft, which does not even let us own the software that holds our clients’ information.

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