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Legal Toolkit: “All You Need is New Technology”

Host Jared Correia is joined by his wife, Jessica Correia, to talk with guest Chelsey Lambert. Chelsey is the founder of Lex Tech Review, a legal technology blog and learning center. They talk about why firms should invest in new technology, how they should do it, and what programs are key. They also discuss why law firms sometimes are reluctant to adopt new technology. Finally, they address who in your firm should be involved in the process of choosing and implementing technology.

Planet Lex: “What Hinders Innovation in the Legal Industry?”

Planet Lex’s guest this week is Bill Henderson, the Stephen F. Burns Chair on the Legal Profession at Indiana University Maurer School of Law and a visiting professor at Northwestern Law. Host Daniel Rodriguez talked to Bill about innovation in the legal industry, focusing on the cultural and regulatory restraints that can keep new tech from taking hold in the legal world. They also talk about diffusion theory and how traditional practices in law firms can impede the adoption of new ideas and new technology.

Corner Office from Marketplace: “BlackRock CEO Wants Companies to Make a Positive Contribution to Society”

On the radio, Marketplace‘s Kai Ryssdal hosts Conversations from the Corner Office, where he talks with transformative business leaders. This new podcast, Corner Office from Marketplace, has exclusive extended versions of those interviews. In this episode, Kai talked with Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, a $6 trillion asset management company. Fink wrote an open letter to corporate CEOs about social responsibility and how companies need to make a positive contribution to society rather than just thinking about profits.

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