Despite all appearances, I am not employed by Apple, I just happen to love their products. They just work better, although they tend to be more expensive. I just got a new Mac, and setting it up was as easy as . . . Apple.

For the most part, this is relevant to solo or small practices who do not have a dedicated, or any, IT guy/gal. Setting up a new computer, and transferring all your files can seem like a daunting task. Unless, of course, you have a Mac.

When you fire up your new computer, it asks if you want to transfer your old files onto your new computer. You can create a carbon copy of your old computer by pushing your mouse 2-3 times. You can choose what transfers over: applications, files, preferences, etc. It is easy and it works very well. The fact that we use Dropbox (cloud storage) makes it even better. I also have a MobileMe account, so my dock, bookmarks, mail, and all other preferences sync up with all my other computers.

There are, however, a few downsides. One, you cannot pick certain applications to transfer over. You get to keep all the ones you use, along with various versions of Pong, TurboTax, and other relatively useless junk that sits on your hard drive. Do not pretend that once your new computer is up and running you will take the time to delete old things. Two, the transfer takes time, usually 4-6 hours. The best practice is to do it when you are leaving for the night, and everything should be perfect in the morning.

The fact it is so easy should make Macs more attractive to solos. Solos do not have access to an IT department, nor they have time to fix problems on their own. If you can afford it, cough up the extra dough, and save yourself time and headaches.

(photo: SeenyaRita)

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