You may be noticing the “Gravatar” icon now showing up in the comments, while some commenters have a picture or avatar in its place. A Gravatar is a globally-recognized avatar. Getting one is easy. Set up an account at, add the email addresses you use when you comment, and upload an avatar.

Once you have a Gravatar account, any time you comment on a blog that, like this one, is Gravatar-friendly, your Gravatar will show up. No need to register with the blog, just use one of the email addresses that Gravatar knows about.


  1. Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

    Anything to encourage discussion. Plus, it’s nice to see one another, for a change.

  2. Yes it is. Gravatars are new for me, but I like knowing what the folks I am discussing things with look like.

    Thanks Sam.

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