You may be noticing the “Gravatar” icon now showing up in the comments, while some commenters have a picture or avatar in its place. A Gravatar is a globally-recognized avatar. Getting one is easy. Set up an account at, add the email addresses you use when you comment, and upload an avatar.

Once you have a Gravatar account, any time you comment on a blog that, like this one, is Gravatar-friendly, your Gravatar will show up. No need to register with the blog, just use one of the email addresses that Gravatar knows about.


  1. Thanks for adding gravatars!

  2. Sam Glover says:

    Anything to encourage discussion. Plus, it’s nice to see one another, for a change.

  3. Yes it is. Gravatars are new for me, but I like knowing what the folks I am discussing things with look like.

    Thanks Sam.

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