starla-carpenterI live in Chicago, and will be entering the Northwestern School of Law JD program in fall of 2009. I intend to study public interest law, with a focus on antitrust law and other corporate regulation.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, a Master’s in Computer Science, and have spent most of my working life as a web designer and programmer. In the past, I’ve spent a year in Japan teaching English, worked on Wall street as a research assistant, and produced an award-winning sketch comedy show on public access television. I’ve always loved writing, and have seen one play go on to win an award and be produced twice. I am currently part of an improvised comedy radio program in Chicago, The Improvised Radio Show.

I do volunteer work to help a nonprofit, Community Lawyers Inc., located in Compton, CA, with their website and I am also helping to evaluate software appropriate for law school clinics and small law practices. I also read/ for the blind at the Blind Services Association of Chicago.

On Lawyerist, I expect to offer general law school advice, with special focus on the challenges faced by older students (like myself) going to law school. I will also review products and give technology advice to students, small firms and nonprofits.

3 responses to “New contributor: Starla Carpenter, comedienne, playwright, and (soon to be) law student”

  1. Dan says:

    Why would law students need advice from a 0L? Wouldn’t the readership be better served by having 3Ls and recent graduates sharing what worked well for them?

  2. Sam Glover says:

    We also have those. Leora Maccabee is a recent graduate, while Josh Camson and Will Geer are current law students. Starla will bring her own perspective to the blog as she starts law school in the fall.

  3. Will Geer says:

    Correction, I graduated and am currently studying for the bar.

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