lbergus-headshotI have been reading Lawyerist for some time, and am very happy to contribute!
I am a student at the University of Iowa College of Law, where I also help the administration with social media and web design projects. I worked for a small town government for 10 years before coming to law school, doing video production, web design, public relations and event planning. The spirit of public service I learned there has stayed with me, and I hope to work in a poverty law or legal aid setting, bringing my tech background to the table to facilitate effective delivery of legal services.

One of my passions is helping law schools understand the value of social media. To that end I created Social Media Best Practices for Law Schools (and the community that goes with it).

You can find me elsewhere online at:

2 responses to “Laura Bergus, Lawyerist Contributor”

  1. Jim says:

    Congratulations to Laura for a new high-profile gig, and to Lawyerist for snagging an insightful student blogger.

  2. Nena Street says:

    Welcome to the team!

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