Decisiv allows NetDocuments to add email management to its already-great document management. And not just email management, but smart email management.

From Bob Ambrogi:

According to NetDocuments, the integration of this functionality with its document management system will allow:

  • Predictive filing to the DMS. Decisiv allows for predictive filing based on criteria such as To, From, Cc, Subject, contents, etc. Predicted locations are visually ranked, indicating probability and enabling filing to the correct matter with just one click. Automatic filing can be enabled with a set threshold (e.g. email that reaches a 95% confidence rank or higher will be automatically filed to the predicted matter).
  • De-duplication. Email is filed to the content management system once, regardless of how many individuals file it.
  • Folder mapping. Select folders in Outlook and map to the document management system. Email filed to mapped folders will be sent to the DMS.
  • Global filing indicator. Email is visually tagged in Outlook for all internal recipients to see in their own mailboxes, indicating it has been filed to the DMS regardless of who in the firm filed it.

Read more at LawSites: “NetDocuments Acquires Decisiv Email from Recommind.”

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