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“Planet Lex—The Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Podcast: “How the Government is Handling Online Privacy and Cybersecurity”

Last month, host Daniel Rodriguez spoke with Northwestern Law Professor Jim Speta. They discussed online privacy, cybersecurity, and how the government is handling these issues. They also talk about the new net neutrality legislation.

Un-Billable Hour: “Give Love to Get Love—Social Media Marketing Tips from Kevin O’Keefe”

Kevin O’Keefe, founder and CEO of LexBlog, talked to Christopher Anderson about ways to market your firm with LexBlog. They discussed how to use social media strategically, how to network on line, and using technology to build relevant relationships. O’Keefe also offered tips on the best times to use social media and which platforms to use.

Every Little Thing: “The Hide Rug of the Plant World”

Every Little Thing is a brand new podcast from Gimlet Media. Their mission is to “turn over the rock, peek through the keyhole, and go down the rabbit hole.” Last week, in “The Hide Rug of the Plant World,” they did a deep dive into the world of office plants and met an alleyway plant dealer.

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