The main competitor to our favorite document scanner, the Fujitsu ScanSnap, is probably the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner. Last week, Joel Johnson of BoingBoing Gadgets got his hands on one, and spent a few hours putting it through its paces.

His verdict: While he didn’t have any major complaints about the NeatDesk desktop scanner, it’s probably not worth it. Consider the ScanSnap iX500 instead.

Update: Neat now offers a much more compelling NeatConnect cloud-based scanner which is one of our favorite scanners for lawyers. Before that, Neat sent us a a NeatDesk scanner to try. You can check out our NeatDesk document scanner review post here.

That being the case, I found this observation about the NeatDesk odd: “[i]ts first problem is that it’s simply a scanner, and a sheet-fed one at that . . . .” Er, yes, that is kind of the point. In a world of ubiquitous multi-function-printers, we think document scanners still play an important role.

Joel’s complaints about the odd NeatDesk document slots limiting the number of documents, however, are well-taken, even if that assembly can be removed. He makes complaints about the software and optical character recognition (OCR) included with the scanner.

Consider this. The ScanSnap comes with licensed copy of Adobe Acrobat, a $300-$460 product. It also includes various utilities (that some will find more useful than others). But the NeatDesk comes with only a license code for a copy of Neat Library, which is not included in the box. The equivalent Fujitsu software (and more) is free and included in the box.

The NeatDesk OCR apparently needs a lot of work, as well. Joel had trouble getting it to recognize basic text like “.com” in a website address on a business card.

I am not likely to give up my ScanSnap anytime soon. I already know it provides excellent value, quality, and utility. Based on Joel’s review and the spec sheet, I think I would be paying more and getting less with the NeatDesk.

A couple of hours with the NeatDesk scanner (Verdict: not worth the time or trouble) | BoingBoing Gadgets

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  1. Jenn says:

    Hi Sam,
    I’m an employee of The Neat Company and I wanted to clarify a couple of things. Joel was incorrect in stating that NeatDesk only comes with a library, that’s not included in the box. NeatDesk comes bundled with NeatWorks software, which enables users to digitally organize and manage their receipts, business cards and documents. Users can easily create expense reports, send contact information to Address Book and export data to other applications, such as Quicken. Also, every item is searchable through the application or Spotlight and everything is stored as a PDF.

    Additionally, the purpose of the paper tray is to enable users to scan in disparate types of paper at the same time (the software will identify the type of item scanned). Often with other ADF scanners, the smaller items will skew if you try to scan in receipts, business cards and documents together.

    The ScanSnap is a great device and PDF maker, so this is not an attempt to put a negative light on it. Actually, many individuals purchase the NeatWorks for Mac software (available as software only) and use it with the ScanSnap. This allows them to use a scanner they already own and utilize the features and functionality the NeatWorks application provides.

    Please let me know if I can provide any additional information. I can be reached at


    • Jenn

      Just curious if you are still working for neat?

      If you are, what a loser.

      I am being audited by state of MN and I made the mistake of storing my data in neat what a pathetic piece of shit and what if anything was I thinking I am sorry for my choice are you???


  2. michael says:

    I am the executive director of a high school… I would like to go more paperless… and scan bills/invoices and have them be able to be imported into Quick Books.. does the Scan Snap do that? Neat Desk?

    It is great to scan, contracts and bills and even checks received.. and have them filed digitally… but the real time saver would be if it can be “read” and imported easily into Qucik Books?

  3. Sam Glover says:

    None of the scanners I know of can import bills directly into Quickbooks or any other accounting software. I suppose that would require the scanning utility to have a template for each bill, which is probably a ways off.

    • T Folsom says:

      I guess you weren’t reading, Neat imports to both Quicken and Quick-Books. So, you guys are Fujitsu Venders?

      • Sam Glover says:

        No, we aren’t Fujitsu vendors.

        And yes, the Neat is supposed to export to Quicken and QuickBooks, but that wasn’t the question. It doesn’t scan directly to Quicken and QuickBooks.

  4. Giovanni Campbell says:

    I have been vascillating between these two products and need to purchase soon. I appreciate your comments, but need clarification on the software utilities they come with. So fat the advantage I see inthe Fujitsu is that it can scan directly into Word and other editable formats, not just pdf. All else looks somewhat the same. Input please? I will liely end up with about three of these over time, and I want to make the right choice.

  5. Sam Glover says:

    The ScanSnap comes with Adobe Acrobat, while the Neat does not. That is a $300-400 piece of software. That makes a pretty big difference.

    • Jw says:

      NeatReceipts DOES come with PDF converter software, so im not sure where mr. glover is missing that. Its right there on the home page.

  6. michael says:

    What doe s not having TWAIN mean in real practical terms? I am thinking of getting the Fujitsu with Rack Filer2… seems like I can’t go too far wrong

  7. Peter says:

    The biggest problem with the snap scanner series is that it scans only to pdf if you are truly trying to go paperless there are many programs to help you manage you documents most will not work with the snap scanner I have been involved in document management for aprox. 15 years getting good software if far more important than the scanner they will typically get replaced every 3 to 5 years however it is much more difficult to change the software you are working with. Adobe makes a very good product. It is not document management software like most people try to make it out to be

    The best answer is to find the right software for you then get the scanner that will work with that

    • Keith says:

      I’m totally with you on this, even several years later! My biggest issue with the Neat system is that it is not in any way an “open” system. It can’t be extended or adapted to work with more scanners, and you can’t extend the defined document types it knows about to include, for example, checks! I had lots of frustration with mine, and to this day don’t understand why a “quick scan” has one set of controls and stores its documents in one place, and a “scan” (“regular,” i.e. not “quick”, though I don’t see any difference in speed) does something different. Neither works in a way tha eliminates frustration, if you get my drift.

    • dwaine says:

      peter you have 15 years under you belt i need help here what i want to do for
      my bussiness is keep track of bills and collections i operate a body shop can the neat scanner do this and store my info that i can always go back to it
      thank you

  8. Sam Glover says:

    I still do not understand why any software is necessary to go paperless, other than the software that turns my paper into PDFs. My operating system (Windows Vista, at the moment) was built from the ground up to “manage documents.” Why do I need an expensive add-on for this?

  9. Sunny says:

    ScanSnap is a very expensive scanner for its capabilities. just converting into pdf, any scanner made by any tom-dick-n-harry with a OCR can do. Just imagine what good it can do if you have lot of bills, lot of business cards and lot of documents to scan. What neat works does is scans all the bills and exports them to QuickBooks, scans all the business cards and exports it to your address book, scans all the documents to pdfs. If you are planning on doing all these things with acrobat and windows vista, it will be the biggest joke. Just imagine automatically scanning 1000 bills in to QuickBooks, I doubt it is possible with ScanSnap+Adobe+Vista.

    I do not think ScanSnap is not any where close to the capabilities of NeatDesk. ScanSnap is a scanner, where as NeatDesk with Neat works is a digital office organizer.

  10. Kevin says:

    I just wish they would sell the software alone and drop the crappy scanner. I don’t need another piece of equipment on my desk. I already have a nice AIO….the previous version of their software worked with any twain scanner just fine. If the hardware goes, you are SOL.

  11. Dan Ward says:

    The customer service sucks to say the least. if you encounter an issue with your scanner no one will respond. The customer service consists of computer generated responses. Nothing less and nothing more. Just a joke to anyone that would spend their hard earned money on a scanner.

    Try the Epson scanner. They scan faster and have a great 24/7 customer support system that is always there to help.

  12. Robi says:

    I am not associated with any of the supplyers of the products mentioned above. From the pros and cons mentioned above about each of the scanners, I am really eager to know what arguement stops me from going Neat desktop scanner. I take it to be a kind of an office assistant. I did scan a lot of papers but never seen one that does as fast and digitally organize it for you?

    • Mike Carter says:

      Just wait until you have 6 months worth of scanned data and your Neatdesk software quits working because you downloaded and installed one of there many software patches! That is where I am right now. The only thing I have is the PDF files that I created instead of their data in one big lump that I now have no access to. Good Luck.

      • Mike Carter says:

        Still waiting for NeatDesk tech support to tell me how I can move my version 5 data back to Version 4.3 software which doen’t seem so buggy and is easier to use (more intuitive). I’m also having trouble re-loading 4.3 software on my Windows XT HP laptop. After re-loading I get an error message telling me to call their tech support team for why this is happening. I didn’t happen when I bought the software 1 year ago–so why now?

        Disappointed User

  13. james says:

    I’ve bought neatworks for mac and I would not recommend it. When I bought it, I was excited about the marketing and was dreaming about how it was going to help me get receipts and duplex paper onto my hard drive…

    But, the mac software is glitchy, slow, and a couple of versions behind the PC release, and the duplex option on the scanner does a poor quality scan on the back side. The neatdesk software does a poor job of post-processing the image and you get something that is barely readable (both with and without duplex), and the available changeable settings don’t help any. When I use the scanner with another software product, the duplex option no longer works.

    Overall, I’m very disappointed with the product and am looking for something that actually works as advertised.

  14. james says:

    So I went ahead and bought the scansnap… hands down the clear winner. It’s fast, great quality, works out of the box. I was blown away!

  15. Steven Wood says:

    En route toward completely paperless accounting for my practice, I have been excited by the promises made by Neat Company’s marketing campaign. Earlier this week I had a chance to check out the product first-hand at a Neat Company kiosk that was set up at Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

    Never before having used the product, I did what any sensible buyer would do and asked for a demonstration. Believe it or not — and much to my disappointment — I was refused. In fact I was told that I would only be shown the software after I purchased the suite.

    Needless to say I was not impressed and after making sure I had heard correctly, I walked away. The Kinder Surprise approach to sales might appeal to the pre-school set, but it doesn’t exactly instill a lot of confidence in prospective buyers who are putting upwards of three hundred dollars on the line for what is supposed to be a professional product.

  16. I have a Scansnap in both of my offices and I cannot imagine practicing without it. Yes, it is “just a scanner” – a scanner that came with a $300 piece of software, a scanner that scans both sides of every page and automatically throws out blank pages, a scanner that keeps file size to an acceptable level (especially important for ECF), etc.

    The best feature of all is it is ultra-portable. I can bring it to another location, plug into my laptop, scan, save to my Dropbox, and everthing I just did is “dumped” on all my computers.

    I know there are other scanners out there that do those things. However, Scansnap is the only one I found to date that does it for about $125.00 (I am deducting the costs of Adobe as I think that shows the true value).

  17. Nish says:

    I would be hesitant to recommend Neat scanner. Ihave three Kodack, Neat and Fijutsu. I personally use neat. It hase taken me a very long time to get pdf files scanned to the right place. I don’t like to use it without converting everything to pdf. First I used the quick scan. It took the scanner full 15 minutes to “read” the pages although scanning itself was fast. Then I had to import it to the “neatworks”. That was about 15 minutes ago. Booked airline tickets, looked on web for good back up program and then came to this page. It has still not managed to “import” the pages. Every few weeks it asks me to put the software license key in again. What a hastle. Don’t buy it. Anything you put in “neatware” cannot be password protected. It is still not done finishing the job of getting 40 pages where they belong. A true dog.

  18. Tom says:

    I’ve been using the NeatDesk scanner (I previously bought the original portable scanner for receipts only) for about a year now. I like the scanner itself — it has not presented me with any problems (I am not scanning more than 20 pages at a sitting, usually) and is reasonably quick for my law practice. The software is not great (although after having it set-up for my QB, getting receipts taken care of is a snap — since most of my bills and purchases made are with the same vendors, the software readily recognizes their info); I do not use it for document management (as was stated above, my operating system takes care of that for me when needed) and anyways, I have practice management software to deal with organizing. As to Nish’s comment, I was unclear what was meant by getting files scanned to the right place — I scan to PDF and it asks me where I want to save the document. I just send it to a folder I created to receive newly scanned docs. No problems there. It is very slow software and a resource hog, so you have to plan on not using your desktop while doing large scanning jobs. Which works for me since I just use my laptop if needed. As far as a few page document, I don’t have any qualms about it. And as far as the Acrobat software inclusion, that’s great unless you already own Acrobat (and I use Pro anyway). That said, I would definitely shop and test scanners if I had a larger volume of pages to scan — I don’t think Neat really serves that purpose — more the mom and pop and solo practitioner with small scanning needs.

  19. cearan says:

    why has no one mentioned the fact that adobe acrobat is a free software??? I’ve never paid for it and can get the most updated versions off I would never pay $300 for software, so the fact that scan snap comes with it and you all are trying to say it’s a great deal b/c it comes free in the box, who cares??? Anyone can get adobe free online! I just need to know which one is the better product sans software!

  20. Adrian says:

    I have read all the reviews and found all to be very helpful concerning everyone’s opinions. I am working in an Manufacturing company that has a lot of paper work, bills, Delivery Transfer Notes, etc of different sizes. All these paper work are filed away in folders and just creates a disgusting site to see so I want to try and eliminate this problem. I want to be able to scan documents very fast (120 pages approximately a day) and be able to organize them digitally into separate folders. I must also be able to locate and print the documents easily in a decent format, PDF or Word. Which scanner would be better for me to use?

    • Sam Glover says:

      If it wasn’t clear from this review, get the ScanSnap. However, you may want to upgrade to a bigger scanner if you are going to be scanning so many files regularly.

      • H Payne says:

        OK Sounds like the Scansnap is getting the most positive reviews. Do I need to get the $400 model or will the $125 model work. want to scan 20 miscellaniois items a day.
        Please advise

  21. Gerald Zidak says:

    With so many positive and negative responses for each. I am curious since I do use Quicken/quickbooks as to which would be the best for entering receipts and being able to import the report into the abovementioned program. I already own Adobe Reader/writer and I already own a scanner for scanning my documents and applications so I do not neet that utility from the porduct. My main purpose for wanting to use such a product is for receipts and invoices. Please advise. Thank you

  22. Eric A. Silver says:

    I’m another one who bought it and then found out that it doesn’t do what I want it to do. Here’s what it does: scans documents, receipts and business cards, fairly quickly, converts them to pdf files, and then files them as you direct.
    Here’s what it doesn’t do:
    create a document that you can import into Word. You can scan the document as individual pages, then copy and paste each individual page into Word, format it, and you’re ready to go. It’s a bit of a workaround, and tedious for lengthy documents, but that’s all you’ve got.
    Import into Quicken. Yes–it will go export a .qif file, but Quicken stopped supporting that a while ago, and now requires .qfx format. I can, however, export a receipt to the desktop as a pdf file, and then import the pdf from the desktop into Quicken. Another workaround. I suppose they could have paid Intuit and Microsoft for the import capability, especially given what they’re charging for this, but there you have it.

  23. jdlaughead says:

    I check this product out on It got 61, one stars out of 5, most complain that the Software was junk or not complete, and their customer service was poor, and had no telephone service. So let the buyer Beware!

  24. H Payne says:

    H Payne Oct. 17 2011
    My wife says if I can’t file paper then I won’t me able to file electronically.She says I lack a “Taxonomy” and coding system. With out some system I will still be disorganized. Any helpful thoughts?

  25. Cailin M. Gudio says:

    Hi everyone: I am sold on the Scan Snap based on the experiences you have all been kind enough to share. Is there anywhere else to buy it other than Amazon, though? I had a really bad experience with Amazon during law school returning books that I could not use. So, I prefer not to do business with them ever again if I can help it. I live and practice in MN. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

  26. Bobby says:

    Thanks for sharing everyone,

    I was set on NeatDesk before reading this entire forum, looks like i must start over in my evaluations. I’m looking for a scanner and software that I can use to scan all of my receipts primarily. Upon scanning, I’m hoping the software can use OCR technology to extract basic data and input into a workable file.

    In other words I would like to look at my November 2011 file, and see how much i spent on Food, or Gas (tax purposes, must write off this stuff) without doing calculations.


  27. Jack says:

    May I suggest you folks check out a program named PaperPort. Does too many good things to list here. Check it out.

  28. Sarah KGC says:

    This forum has been so helpful but now my head is spinning with all the options I have been reading about. I have a small constuction business that is growing. Currently we are not using any software except word. My fiance wanted the Neat scanner for christmas but after reading this its obvious it is not a good choice. I’m not a book keeper and manually organizing tons of gas reciept and invoices is very time consuming and chaotic come year end. I’m not looking to spend a ton of money but to start what would be best to track reciepts, invoices, recievables, and profits? I have a regualr scanner in my printer, I keep reading about these scanners, are there special ones for reciepts or is a scanner a scanner? We’re not to com. Any suggestions, Something simple yet efficient??
    Any help is greatly appreciated .

    • Sam Glover says:

      The NeatWorks software is the only one I know of that claims to allow you to export receipts directly to Quickbooks. It just didn’t work that well when I tried it. But you don’t have to buy the scanner to get the software.

      You might consider whether you can get those receipts in another format that you can import directly into Quickbooks. For example, most merchant accounts will make the transaction data available directly in a Quickbooks-compatible format. The same goes for most banks, which make transactions available in Quickbooks formats.

    • Steph says:

      Sarah – sounds like what you really need for your business is something like Quickbooks. Every day or week or whatever you would download your bank transactions into QB and class them into a list of expense accounts, or you could just do it by looking at your receipts. You can also create “jobs”, “vendors” and “customers” to which you can link your expenses, income, and customer info and payments. You will be able to generate reports to see if your jobs have been profitable and you are bidding well, and all you have to do is throw your receipts in a file box incase of audit and email the Quickbooks file to the accountant at the end of the year. If you have employees I wouldn’t do business without it. Plus you have the capability to make professional invoices, statements, profit and loss reports, and all of your years of info are there at the click of a button. Get the software and take a class if you feel you need it. I’m looking at these reviews because I’d like an easy way to organize and access/search my receipts and other documents. Sounds like its just another software need really, not the scanner if you’ve already got one? Hope this helps. From one contractor’s wife to another ;)

  29. Dave says:

    Which scanner is the best one to scan pictures in bulk?

    • Sam Glover says:

      If you just want to power through a pile of pictures, get a ScanSnap. If you want really high-quality photo scans, you should either hire a service or else do them one at a time on a high quality scanner.

  30. Terry G says:

    I have been using \NEAT Desk and the software for 3 years or so. Using most recent software version as well. Have used mac as well.

    Scanner is excellent! Software pretty much is awful and regret being entrenched in it now.

    Mac version is almmost useless. Dont consider it.

    Windows has so many issues. Mostly, the OCR is horrible, it cant ever get the name of the vendor from the receipt, so it either comes up blank or assumes the type of credit card is the vendor. Mos tof the time the receipt date or amount is wrong as well. Therefore, I have to scan AND manually check or modify everything which is now a huge time suck and cant keep up. Pretty much defeats the purpose. I spend MORE time going digital than i did filing paper!!!!.

    The database has big limitations as well. Database size is limited to about 2 years for me, after that have to have separate Databases AND is i want to go back to the past for something…i have to RESTORE and old database, rather than just select a DB to view (like you can do it Outlook for instance). Therefore, archive is not really an archive. You can export files items to PDF and other locations, but unfortunately all tagging/sorting info is lost. So if you ever need to import between databases, you have tyo manually do categorizing all over again.

    Other things about it dont make alot of sense either, though they are tolerable, combined with the above they really arent. Developer needs to do more real workd user feedback and get new software developers to architect it differently as it is, it isn’t very well constructed and doesnt follow best practice.

    I am now looking for another solution to migrate to. Hoping to find softwar that will enable me to migrate my stuff over from PDF without all the work, SOMEHOW. Any suggestions, let me know. Otherwise, will have to just leave it installed and go back for previous ites when needed but prefer not to. It IS a resource HOG by the way. Wen running it, it will get up to 300 meg of RAM, if you leave it running in the background for an intense session it will get up over 800 meg and choke out almost everything else. I have ALOT of RAM on my machine (8g) but any app that takes more than 200 Meg has a memory leak….

  31. Guy Shaddock says:

    I recently purchased Neat Desk. This product in not just a scanner( although I really appreciate the speed at which it does scan multiple pages ..both sides). Neat Desk’s main advantage is it’s software. I read through some of the earlier post’s that appear to be quite negative about the software. Perhaps because I am using the newest (version 5) I am having good results. The software is very intuitive and yet allows you to individualize how you organize all of that paper in to a digital filing system.

    • Sam Glover says:

      It may also be because you haven’t tried the alternatives. The NeatWorks software makes organizing your digital files much more complicated than it needs to be, in my opinion.

  32. Guy Shaddock says:

    That’s right, I haven’t tried other systems because I haven’t found one that compares with all of the features of the Neat system. I have been scanning documents with other scanners ….that scan only…, for years. The Neat scanner and software simplifies the creation of a filing system much like you would organize a physical filing cabinet.

    The software seems to be very well thought out and lets you organize those scanned documents quickly and efficiently. This electronic “filing cabinet” allows you to rapidly find information contained in scanned documents (using OCR). It’s kind of like having a powerful search engine for all of the documents and receipts in your filing cabinet.

    The feature I appreciate the most is how Neat can be used to help with accounting. The scanner reads the receipt and breaks out individual data such as vendor name, price, category etc., things I would have had to type into my accounting program. This alone saves me a lot of time because although I touch type, I have never been good at inputting numbers.

    Scanning is not a “perfect science” (for various reasons including faded crumpled receipts you try to stuff into the Neat Desk). Occasionally information translated by the scanner is incorrect. The Neat software deals with this by always forcing you to review the scanned receipt values before the information is actually electronically filed. You can make any changes, additions or corrections you want.

    I’ve had the machine for a couple of month’s now and have noticed a huge improvement in how my documents and receipts are organized. I am a very busy self employed “one man show” and this machine is like having a book keeping secretary.

    • Sam Glover says:

      I think storing client files in NeatWorks is a risky proposition for a lawyer. It’s not very sophisticated document management software, and I’m not sure how you would even go about giving access to your files to someone else on your network. It doesn’t have the document management features you really need for managing gigabytes of client files.

      If you just want something to help you with your receipts, I’ve said many times that NeatWorks is the only game in town (although that doesn’t mean you need the Neat scanner). I prefer to just download my transactions from my bank website and filling in where necessary, but if scanning paper seems easier to you, go ahead and get NeatWorks.

      And hey, if you like the Neat scanner, use it. Just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean others won’t.

  33. Guy Shaddock says:

    I do still keep the paper versions of everything. Also Neat allows the installation of the software to 3 computers so the data should be fairly safe by virtue of triplication. I have it installed on my desktop and on my laptop. I simply back up the desktop and restore to the laptop.
    But you other point about “gigabytes of client files” is my concern. I do architectural work. I have put all of last year’s receipts (about 275) and all of my bank/credit cards statements as well as a building code documents (63 documents) and have used .5% of my data space (*4 GB max*) and 8% of my image storage (*40 GB max).
    I do not store Home use documents in Neat like recipes, photos etc. Some people may use it for Home use but I won’t. I am concerned that I will eventually run out of storage space since I want the program to provide me with at least 6 years of data. There must be some sort of work around for this storage limitation issue and I have an email in to Neat to requests suggestions. I report back once they respond.

    • Sam Glover says:

      Why don’t you just store your files in your computer? Saving them to a folder (say /Finances/Vendor/) in your documents folders takes the same (or less) time than sorting and labeling it in NeatWorks. And it’s just as searchable. I’ve never figured out why document management software makes sense for relatively small file collections (a gigabyte or two per year).

      • Terry Gold says:

        Hi Sam – I think the point is that on Windows if you scan directly to computer, and store inside of folders in Windows explorer, you get caught up in a single naming convention so you can only search by name (cant do it by date as saving a file in windows without an OCR application will default to the date scanned, not when the doc is actually from such as a past receipt).

        I tried this approach and is very cumbersome to manually manage, file, sort all folders (also what is a business card, receipt, doc, etc). This is why a platform makes alot of sense – if it works well.

        On mac searching is a little better than on windows, but entirely relies on mac searching which i dont like because it does lack alot of structure to it. Also, living solely on mac, while i have one, isn’t reasonable for me as I need to have these files along with other apps that can only run on widows (and i have parallels and VNWare so that is not an option for me).

        • Sam Glover says:

          I just rename the files as I save them. It only takes a second, and if you use good file names, it’s still really easy to search for files. It’s even easier if you set your scanner to OCR the first page only, which is what I do to save time. Client names and document titles are nearly always on the first page, so that gets 90% of what you would search for, anyway.

  34. Terry Gold says:

    Guy, I have been using Neat for a long time and am very technical. Have researched and discussed with Neat. Bottom line is that their database structure installed on your computer has a size limitation (4gigs I believe). After that it either hit a wall or gets very unstable and is I’ll advised.

    I think that expecting to get 6 years of storage in a single database is not realistic with this setup and your usage. Not because you aren’t reasonable but because of their limitations. What you need to do is save a database backup for each couple of years and start over to create new databases like an archive system.

    This would be a normal approach to any application with the exception that most applications do not make you restore a whole database to get to an old doc in another archive. In your situation I would imagine this would be very inconvenient and unfortunate but you may not have a choice eventually. An approach you could take it to do three year files, and have one of the years overlap by deleting previous two after you backup at the end of the timeframe every three years. This would give you access to one year back from the start.

    Neat is architected very poorly in my opinion. Scanning is efficient but fact checking the OCR due to its ineffectiveness and dealing with its archive and stability shortcomings is making me less productive. I went back to hiring an admin to deal wi scanning and editing now as it became a time suck I could not keep up with. My goal is to find another solution in 2012, transition out Jan 2013 fresh, and somehow get neat info migrated. Not hopeful on the last point though which makes me wish I had never gone down the road with this proprietary solution in the first place. I am not sure if their new v5 release addresses any of this, it seems that it doesn’t from what I have read and many users are having ALOT of issues with it so I recommend waiting a couple months until they work the bugs out. I tried the upgrade and it will not even open now, won’t uninstall, and support won’t get back to me. I may have get away from neat earlier than planned as a result. Hope this helps

  35. Guy Shaddock says:

    Thanks Terry. I have read lots of negativism about this product and am going to consider that as well as take your advice. It’s a bit disappointing because Neat has such potential to be a unique and time saving product.

    Your point about a “proprietary solution” rings clear to me as I have had disappointing bad experiences in the past. A developers idea may be great but they sometimes never get it 100% right and eventually get abandoned by the consumer. Unfortunately proprietary software involves investment of time and that would be my concern about depending on Neat too much just yet.

    I am using Version 5.0.23_37 and have never used the prior versions and so far so good. That said I heed the red flags. My conundrum is that there really isn’t any other choice out there.

  36. J. R. Robinson says:

    Could this possibly be a business for someone? Scanning the receipts and delivering the files to them ready for updating their files.

  37. Rosalie Duong says:

    Hi Sam, Thank you so much for your review of the NeatDesk Scanner that started this whole string of conversations. I am now switching from thinking about purchasing a NeatDesk to the Fujitsu ScanSnap1500. I have read your summary on the Fujitsu review, but still have a couple of questions. Besides the file name, is there other ways to search for the scanned PDF file that you want? For instance, is there place to write a short summary of the article with some key words so that you can find it again? I am a creative person with many interests, such as interior design, fashion, beauty, organization, art, etc. My business is a stylist, helping clients apply and purchase the right accessory, the right fashion item, the right skincare/makeup, organize their closets, etc. A little off your path of law, isn’t it? :)

    • Sam Glover says:

      The easiest way to find a file (other than the file name) is probably by using the OCR feature so you can also search the contents of the file.

      If you want to annotate your files as you describe, you’re probably better off using something like Evernote, which.

  38. Rosalie Duong says:

    Thanks Sam. Do I need to do anything special using the ScanSnap to make sure that I can search using the OCR feature which I assume comes with Adobe Acrobat?

  39. I have the neat desk 2010 version and found it does scan ok, but the problem is the export of information to my laptop. It is very complicated to say the least, it gives ton of direction none of which work when I tried to apply them. It seems everything is set up to work with outlook and anything other than that just doesn’t work. I for one am totally disappointed in this product it cost nothing buy time and money. Just try to reach a real person for help… Not going to happen.

    • Rosalie Duong says:

      Hi Sam, Is it okay to purchase the ScanSnap from Amazon who has it for $415 rather than a Fujitsu Reseller who sells it at $495 + shipping $15? Would Technical support be a nightmare to deal with Fujitsu? I tried calling them today several times and kept getting put on hold and then hung up. Thanks.

  40. Congo says:

    This whole string of conversations has been informative. I’m getting ready to buy a system that to help my wife organize all her magazine “tear-outs” about travel, food, etc…
    Our current old school system (file folders) doesn’t work.
    She really need a scanning/ e-storage system than can then search a portion of the “tear -out” for keywords (not just a title search).

    Like search for “hiking in Wyoming”

    Sounds like ScanSnap is best correct ? Sorry for such a simple question (not business users)

  41. Jim says:

    I’m looking to purchase a Scanner. Have considered the Neat Desktop or the S1500. But would like to know if the Neat 5 or the S1500 can scan Multiple Bank Statements then Export to Quicken?


    • Sam Glover says:

      Why would you scan bank statements instead of just downloading them from your bank and importing them?

      In case you have a good reason, I don’t think either scanner will do this.

  42. Jim says:

    Would like to record yearly statements that have not been entered into the system and eliminate the older statements but keep them in Quciken format for tax purposes.

  43. Liz says:

    I’m excited about going paperless…but have to admit to feeling anxious about not actually filing the paper! Are you paper shredding bills, receipts, proposals, manifests etc. once they are in whatever system you have chosen? No filing cabinets? This is acceptable to the IRS? Am I an over anxious dinosaur?

  44. grd says:

    neat receipt desktop – disappointed. bundled software which requires me to sign onto the internet in order to use the software and the MACHINE. not good! i purchased this scanner for my personal use, i should not be restricted in my use by having to be connected to the internet or registering online to use it. is there a law suit in this to prevent the company from applying this restriction?

  45. D Campbell says:

    I purchased a NEAT and was very pleased with the result…until, I had a hardware issue that literally popped up mid-scanning, and learned that NEAT DOES NOT WARRANTY THEIR PRODUCTS AFTER 1 YEAR AND THEY DO NOT OFFER REPAIR SERVICES!!! It is hard for me to invest in a product that is only invested in their bottom line (not their consumer)…

  46. James says:

    Im looking at the neat or the scansnap and i just read a lot of bitching on why to use one system and why not to use the other. What i need to know is scansnap, neat or any other paper fed scanner can help me out. I just need to scan in all my medical records from the army, i have something like 9 different hospitals of paperwork, surgery’s and charts, approx about 4000 pages for each hospital, after seeing so much paper i was like i should just put this on a digital copy, its easier to store, easier, to transport, and when i need something i just open it up on a computer, find it, and print what i need, can anyone help me out on what i should i get, don”t want to spend thousands of dollars, and i aslo have like 80 different bussiness cards, i just want to get rid of them,

  47. mike says:

    Neat works.. DOES come with ADOBE

  48. Joe says:

    My biggest task is keeping track of and entering DEBIT receipts.
    I manage my checking/debit account with Quicken. I need to not only enter the payee, but the amount, and categorize each transaction for budget as well as IRS purposes. I then need to save these receipts and be able to find them again in a timely manor, maybe by category or vender.
    Will any of these scanners make my job easier??

    • Sam Glover says:

      Why don’t you just download the transactions from your bank or merchant service?

      Without that, no, none of these scanners will make your job easier. The NeatDesk doesn’t work as advertised, and the ScanSnap isn’t built to scan receipts to QuickBooks in the first place.

  49. Joe says:

    So, what do you think about the Epson GTS50? How would you compare it to the other two mentioned?

  50. Doug says:

    I have both a scan snap and a Neat scanner. If you are considering purchase of either I agree with the review above that says “decide what you want to do find the software that does that for you the best and then purchase hardware to run the software.” the scanners compared here are apples and oranges why because of the software. The neat desk software has many uses in the accounting, tax and auditing arenas. The snapscan is a scanner and you must use software to accomplish your desired task. Maybe its adobe or maybe its something else entirely. More $$! Neat Desk isn’t as good a scanner but the specialized software does something no other software package I can find or have tried will do. The nice thing about neat is the 30 day free trial. I have used it and they will take it back no questions asked. Just know first what you want to do!

  51. Claudia Cox says:

    This may be the wrong area, but I have a question. I work for a lawyer in California and wish to know the legal standpoint of scanning documents and later printing them when original documents are needed. I appreciate all the reviews of the two schanners to aid me in determining which machine to get. If this is not the right area to ask the question, would you please be kind enough to redirect this request? Thank you.

  52. betsy says:

    found all of these points of view useful as I was in the throes of researching for purchase of a scanner — had considered going with an S1500 but then vacilated back to a NeatDesk for the interim — am I reading correctly though that Neat software can also be used the S1500? — already using a mobile Neat that appears good for receipts — there is no software that will do that with a regular scanner or am I mistaken —

  53. Lynn says:

    Unfortunately, the reason for going with Neat is that it is the ONLY receipt scanning software the IRS will accept because it cannot be opened and receipts cannot be altered. That is the only real reason to scan the documents… saves storage space for all the years required by IRS for audits.

    • Sam Glover says:

      That doesn’t make any sense. The NeatDesk scans to PDF just like everything else.

    • Nixi says:

      Why not use quickbook to record your purchases and stable the receipts to the monthly bank statement and/or scan them and save as PDF in a folder by the the month. Easy and no expensive scanner.

    • mmmm7777 says:

      Just be careful to keep your files in the right place. NEAt has a cumbersome way to keep files and if you do not upgrade the system as they do to their system you might end up not having any real backups for your expenses…

  54. Lynn says:

    That is what the IRS told me, argue with them not me. Apparently, once the data is emcapsulated, it cannot be opened or altered. Maybe they worked out something with the software designers.

  55. Teresa says:

    If you need an original document how does this work? Do the copies count as an original?

  56. Lynn says:

    Yes, the copies count as originals.

  57. GeeBird says:

    +1 for the ScanSnap S1500. It is fast, portable, reliable and folds up into a nice little box. I have mine sitting in the top of a Staples Black Wire Mesh Letter Tray Sorter (product #828567 – about $25). It has a letter slot beneath it, two slots beside it, and it raises the Scansnap up so that you don’t even have to open the lower paper tray. I recommend the Scanner and the Sorter.

  58. Kevan says:

    Can you simply scan many documents and not have it in NeatDesk’s file form? I am a teacher and need to scan many documents given to me to teach a new course. I want them in either .pdf or jpeg form.

  59. Tony says:

    Please someone help me with this choice scansnap or neat desk?

  60. Peshkaz Tan says:

    I think this might be a plan to steal information… Why else would they let you try it for free for 30 days?.. Think about it.. They let you send the machine back if you’re not satisfied with it. So I think they make sure you’re not satisfied with it and send it back. But then you probably have stored some of your information on it like your phone number or credit card. That probably get downloaded into the machine and you send that machine back with the info in it and they can access it and use your info. This is why I think that they made this so that people that are not that smart are tricked into giving their info away.

  61. ANTHONY says:

    Does the I.R.S accept scansnap as legal docks?

  62. james says:

    What about the documents being fordged,is there any safe guards concerning this with the scansnap?

  63. james says:

    irs accepting pdf’s?tax documents being fordged?

  64. james says:

    Anthony said,does the IRS accept scansnap as legal docks?
    You said,it scans to PDF,the standard doc format,I’m assuming the IRS accept’s PDF’s
    I said what about the document’s being fordge,is thier a safe guard concerning this with scansnap?.And you said,what in the world are you going on about?
    And now i’m saying never mind.Have a good day.

    • Sam Glover says:

      The ScanSnap is just a scanner; it converts paper to digital files, generally in PDF format. If someone has forged your signature before you scan a document, the ScanSnap will not detect the forgery. I’m not even sure how that would work, unless the ScanSnap were connected to a vast artificial intelligence with the ability to analyze handwriting.

      Once a document has been scanned, the ScanSnap is no longer involved with it. So if someone were to scan a document, then apply a forged signature to it, the ScanSnap would not notice, vast AI or not.

      • Donna says:

        Sam, you have the patience of a saint, especially about the forged signature questions…I did LOL on your last comment…thanks for all the good info and humor!

  65. Ken says:

    This is the first time I’ve found a reason to answer one of these issues. I don’t see a reason since. the purpose that there might be a dangerous anything out there waiting to get ya. amazing, amusing, and you might say its hazardous. but who cares?

  66. ANTHONY says:


  67. Brian Bennett says:

    Sam Glover seems to really be advocating ScanSnap over the Neat Desk; it appears to me that Mr. Glover may have a financial interest in ScanSnap. If so, then he is biased and is not completely objective. I would expect Mr. Glover to have an interest in ScanSnap; look at his repeated comments: between promoting SS with Adobe, etc… Buyer Beware!

    • Sam Glover says:

      To the extent I have a financial interest (if you buy a ScanSnap or a NeatDesk using the Amazon links in this article, Lawyerist gets a small commission from Amazon), it is the same for both scanners.

  68. Jsmith says:

    Just got a NEAT scanner for my birthday yesterday. It’s very unfriendly and giving me fits. Will almost certainly wind up back at Staples in a day or two.

  69. KMan says:

    For those seeking a good searching tool, when working with scanned PDFs (instead of sticking within Neat’s proprietary database format), I highly recommend File Locator Lite. (google it). It’s completely free (and spyware-free, ad-free, nag-free, and no always-on resident “indexing” to slow down your system), BLAZING fast, and can search within PDFs for OCR’d content in addition to the simple filename searches. There is a paid version (not very expensive) that enables searching within still more file types, but the free version has always met my needs. Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, etc., in both 32 and 64 bit versions. To me, it brings the speed and power of the Mac’s Spotlight search system to the PC platform. I have no relation to the company, just a very satisfied user.

  70. Jim Barr says:

    Having seen the Neatdesk adv on tv this weekend, I now have a chance to look it up, and
    see the referral to the Scansnap as well. My challenge is that I need a scanner that can
    download to QUICKBOOKS, not Quicken. I read the responders comments, but HOPE
    that there is something out there that will service the QUICKBOOKS platform. HELP!
    And thank you….j/

  71. jacket06 says:

    Could get neither NEAT nor NEATWORKS to work in Windows 7 Ultra. Loaded to an old XP Computer. Neat works, albeit slower than I would like. NEATWORKS loads but does not recognize the scanner. I have gone through all the NEATDESK recommendation to solve the XP problem w/o any success. Sorry I purchased this scan system. Too much HYPE, too little or limited performance. Am curious why NEATDESK works to some degree w/XP and not at all w/Windows 7! I am an individual, who like to keep accurate records, so failure of this system is not a significant setback. I can always go back to keeping records by scanning documents/rteceipts etc. on my XP printer/scanner. I feel sorry for those who bought this piece of crap for a business!

  72. Donna says:

    lots of great info here, was just about to call the 800 # for neat desk for the 30 day trial, when I saw this blog, now not sure…. Both my husband and I are self employed and my main issue would be getting all of our receipts off my desk and stored on my laptop, I don’t have a PC, just laptop. I only need this for tax purposes and in the event of an audit to pull up the info quickly. Wondering if I should just fax receipts to myself (on my business software) and store it into folders that way. The neat desk just sounds so easy and efficient but don’t want more stuff than I need, thanks for any input..

  73. Karen says:

    We have an automotive business. At the end of every year I have a bunch of receipts that I need to to sort through for tax time and would like to simplify this using a scanner this is user friendly. I have read some of the comments made on the NeatDesk and the Fujitsu scanners. But I would like more info on both. It seems there are some mixed reviews on both. Help?

    • tony says:

      You have to check every scan it right 90% of the time but a old receipt faded my be $15.00 and may in put $1500.00 been using 4 yrs now.

  74. Riker says:

    Looks like two comparable products duking it out. My biggest concern with either system is backup and redundancies. I think too many people are sucked into using a paperless method with no more than a single laptop and no backup when it fails or gets stolen. Cloud services are too limited. My 180 gigabytes of documents, for example, would take 3 years to upload to the cloud, due to data limts per month. Not very practical. Any solution demands training in backup and recovery, and should be included with the products.

  75. Ken says:

    I have been using the Neat Desk systems for a couple of months now. I did not choose this system, management did. I think the choice was based on the commercials alone. I find the system to be slow and so far not very useful. For example, it takes 3 – 5 minutes to process a single document from scan to view. I also find that I have to reenter the information that is supposed to be extracted from the scanned documents. This adds more time to processing and frustration. I have reviewed the canned reports in the system and find them lacking.

    Now on the positive side, I think this product would be a good tool for a start up process. What I mean is that if I start at 2013 and go forward, I could probably make good use of this device.

    So in summary, a disappointing system for me, especially given what it cost.


  76. James Jarvis says:

    Can I use it to run a small private Library?
    Can I use it to run a private religious library, that is worth $35, 000 plus.
    We would like to keep tract of the books we lend out.
    Please contact me.

  77. peter weiner says:

    My problem is that I am running out of room to store all the receipts for drugs, doctor visits, 1099’s,etc, as proof for my tax deductions. Using Scansnap could I easily scan similar receipts to a file and keep a running total of dollars spent so that at tax time I would not need to manually total all of the individual receipts? After my accountant figures my taxes, I would transfer the files to a flash drive which could easily be stored. Since I would not not be scanning more than 5-10 items a month, which Scansnap would you recommend?

    • Sam Glover says:

      I don’t think you understand how scanners work. Scanner just create a digital copy of the file. If you want to tally up the receipts, you need a spreadsheet or accounting software.

  78. mlofthouse says:

    I have a neat scanner and do not recommend it. It ruins documents constantly by trying to scan them through side-ways causing rips in the pages and making the document look horrible once on the computer. The software is nice, the equipment is horrible.

  79. Paul Ellis says:

    Okay, I have read every comment. Most of the people are lawyers. Are there any real estate Brokers who use either of these scanners? I was really considering the Neat but with all the negative statements , I am afraid to consider it.

  80. Rod says:

    someone tell me how do I get the worthless device back to them and my money back.

  81. Arnold says:

    I found out that NEAT is dropping support for any version not upgrading to the monthly fee based cloud. I wrote to them about deception laws. Also want my money back even after one year since no where did the FEE based version warn of its coming.
    Be careful……the software will also badger you to upgrade or else. So threats like that only get legal pushback. BEAT NEAT — into sticking to its sales contract.

    • neat desk sucks says:

      Would love to have a lawsuit. Possibly a class action if you know of one. This company did not warn about the upgrades fees. After loading years of personal information, can’t access it without upgrading. Didn’t want the upgrade. Can’t get customer support without paying for it. Sent multiple emails for 2 days and can’t get a reply. Need medical information on my computer that I can’t access. Can’t enter due to Neat Desk refusing to let me enter without an upgrade!!!

    • mmmm7777 says:

      I agree… I did not ask Neat to change software but just let me use the one I bought with no changes. I get all these error messages and just can’t use the system again unless I upgrade to any of their new systems. Sounds like they desperately need other sources of revenue. It is like if they want to follow a Windows price scheme where buying the machine has become irrelevant if you do not buy their software system. Every year at the time I have to do my taxes I go through the same issue and it has become impossible to do using my old product….. Will not use it never again! I have moved to the free system that gives me the same capabilities without the need to use Neat Scan.. this might not work for many people, but it dies solve my immediate need and if I have to change to a system will change then to a software one were any scan will work and will not have to be fully dependent on Neat…

  82. zbecktx says:

    I cannot speak to Neat, but can speak volumes about the ScanSnap, and have nothing but praise for it. First of all, the scanner itself does a terrific job of quickly scanning stacks of pages. Plus, the included Adobe Acrobat (which allows you to create & edit PDF files) is worth it’s weight in gold. I’ve got one at home we’ve been using for years to archive every piece of paper we might need (almost all of which is then shredded and out of my life – and yes, I backup to the cloud separately), and the wife has two at her office. The ScanSnap even comes with a clear plastic “envelope” that allows you to easily scan small and/or oddly shaped papers (such as small scraps of torn paper) that would normally get chewed up in a scanner. The only major criticism of the ScanSnap is that it scans only via proprietary software – it does not include a TWAIN driver, which would allow you to scan directly into another program. If you’re running software already that requires a TWAIN-compliant scanner, you’ll have to find something else. But if you’re only concerned with scanning to PDF (which is pretty common), you can’t go wrong with the ScanSnap.

  83. Midnut says:

    Which scanner works with windows8?
    I’m only seeing XP, vista and 7.

  84. Robin says:

    Let’s just say, look at Neat’s Facebook page – and take a look at all the COMPLAINTS you’ll find. I too am one of those who purchased Neat with no additional monthly fees only to find I CAN NOT backup my scanning documents to an external hard drive. The only options they are giving me is to fill up my PC’s hard drive or use they’re cloud. Extremely poor!

    • Joy says:

      That is incorrect. I back up my neat files to my external hard drive. Upper right hand corner, Tools>Database>Offline Backup. Other option, go to the actual Neat database file and copy the file or whole folder over. I’m been using neat for months now and I love it for organizing my families paperwork.

  85. Phil says:

    Just bought the Neat Scanner but having some second thoughts about the purchase after reading all the post that states the Fujitsu is the better buy. I wonder should I repackage it and send it back now or try it within the 30 days then send it back. I didn’t want to get too committed into the set up and scanning if I am going to get rid of it.

  86. Robert Brown says:


    Neat desk couples with NeatCloud is a failure. I emailed text and PDF invoices but they loose formatting or are blank. I called support but they are useless – not worth waiting on hold and they take weeks to respond to emails. See what they look like here:

  87. Steven J Rulison says:

    I have one major complaint with the NeatDesk scanner. When I fill in the fields for a document that I just scanned and then go back to the file listing, the data will still be there but then sometimes, not all of the time but sometimes the data will disappear from the fields. I then have to go back and re-enter the information in each of the fields. It’s really annoying. I notified their Tech support about this via email several days ago but I have yet to receive any response from them.

  88. Yung City says:

    If you need an original document how does this work? Do the copies count as an original?

  89. judy says:

    All my important information I scanned was lost although it was sync to the Neat Desk Cloud. They temporarily retrieved the information remotely and explained it was due to a software clinch. 5 minutes later, I attempted to use the system again this happened again. I am waiting to hear from them. Their Sales department is open on the weekend. Ironically, their tech support is available here between 9-6 during my work hours. I not certain what is going on. I will be prepared this time with an additional backup system. I am frantic because I shredded the scanned documents. I took my computer to a specialist to assist. He talked with Neat Desk Tech and the information was not retrieved at that time. They (Neat Desk Tech) ended the call with him because it was close to time for them to get off work.

  90. Hub Pik says:

    Neat is a scam. all they want is your money. I had a neat for 3 years and suddenly it quit working. I called customer service and they told me I had a delinquent account for 1 year and I owed them >$160. I told them my machine didn’t work anymore and they said they will fix it after I paid them what I owed. I do not remember signing up for any additional services.
    I got the scanner and installed/plugged it into computer2 and it worked. I plugged it into the original computer1 and it didn’t work. I updated drivers/software and it still said calibration required – it didn’t allow me to calibrate.
    I plugged it back into computer#2 and it worked. I deleted my entire account and removed neat software from computer1. I reinstalled without logging in and low and behold neat scanner worked again. Its a scam. They send signal to neat scanner to not work correctly so u call customer service and they try to get you for unpaid bills and then ask you to pay for tech support. The entire web is loaded with similar comments. They should be sued by class action and put out of business.
    I used to own a computer company years ago…I know computers and hardware. This is a scam.

  91. Kevin Huffman says:

    Rather than spend $400.00 bucks on a neat scanner just save your time go to your front door reach in your pocket take out $400.00 wad it up and throw it in the street unless your a masochist. But if you enjoy NO customer service or products that are worthless endless frustration and a waste of your time than this is a product for you.If your are that person I can save you some money and you would half as stupid as me I could sell you a UNUSED JUST LIKE NEW ORIGINAL BOX MANUALS DISC CORDS THE ONLY PROBLEM IS IT HAS BEEN HIT A FEW TIMES WITH A BASEBALL BAT BUT I HAVE ALL THE PEICES.BUT KEEP IN MIND IT’S HALF PRICE.

  92. tunez says:

    I think you have to consider the task you want your scanner to handle. If you are just scanning receipts then the NeatDesk software works great. The accuracy of Neat, Abby Software or ShoeBoxed is really about 85% accuracy. I am sure it will get better but I tried ShoeBoxed and found for the money it wasn’t worth what the monthly fee they charged. When I re-submitted documents that had errors, they mysteriously disappeared. Neat has a comparable cloud solution but I don’t want my stuff in the cloud. In testing I scanned just receipts into Neat along side of Shoeboxed and I found that the Neat solution was as accurate, gave me quicker feedback and access to documents (no waiting while they scanned then uploaded, and after uploading was complete, waiting for the image to render from their website so I could see it).

    I did all this testing over the last year so I explored and tested it on a pretty deep level. If you want a cloud based storage option Neat also has one but their offering is more à la carte. Basic storage is one cost then you can add things like document verification. If you are using the Neat software then you are likely scanning them anyway so you can do your own document checking.

    It also works with the Fujitsu IX500 (which I currently use with NeatDesk v.4). It’s kind of cool that they allow you to use the Fujitsu with their software. A nice ‘bigger picture’ outlook From Neat, don’t you think?

    However if you are in a law firm or any business and are searching for something that’s better for business (and you work on Mac) I would say buy the ScanSnap IX500 (or one of their heftier commercial scanners), then purchase a document scanning package. Fujitsu includes a great collection of software to use but the software will not be adequate for higher volume scanning. For that you would want to buy DockKeep If you are a smaller business and would like something less expensive any Filemaker Pro Developer can create a Document Management Database that’s not expensive at all or if you are handy with Filemaker, doing it yourself. I was able to integrate a business document solution with Filemaker very quickly using one of Filemaker’s free templates that comes with Filemaker Pro. Once I had the template I setup a layout and some scripts to handle the documents coming from the ScanSnap. Pretty slick and it didn’t cost me anything. That’s my 2 cents for today!

  93. PissedoffinAZ says:

    I bought Neat to catch up on back Quicken work. So far I pretty much hate it. It does not recognize account numbers, (most of us have more than one card with a VISA or MC logo – need more specific sorting than that.), mistakes skinny dollar signs for a “1”, (adding $100 to amount), sometimes selects the “your savings” amount as the total, does not pick up vendor names. I spent so much time editing, I might as well as have entered it all into Quicken manually.

    More time spent trying to get the software to work correctly (my page view is still wrong size) and no easy place to find answers. I just spent 53 minutes on hold with Quicken to get a simple answer to where they hid something on the 2016 version; looks like I may have to do the same with Neat, if I can’t find a number. This is simplification?

  94. Don says:

    Buying the Neat scanner was a big mistake. Their software is extremely slow. The scanner is slow, and after we moved to Linux, there is no Linux support. The Neat scanner products and software are very expensive and simply fail to perform efficiently.

  95. Wayne says:

    What do I do with a problem “unable to open Neat database,” can anyone help me with this?

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