For almost a year now, I have been searching for an easy-to-use static website builder. I can already hear my SEO pals cringing right now, but sometimes I need a simple, clean, static front page to post information about my business, special events or my portfolio.

While I like using Blogger and WordPress for sites that involve a lot of updates, neither of these sites work well when I need to build a static website. Luckily, I finally discovered Wix.

Wix has been around since 2008, but they made a lot of updates in 2011 that make it great for anyone who wants to build a polished website, Facebook page or mobile site without having any design skills or code knowledge.

Instead, Wix gives users a wide range of design freedom through its drag-and-drop style platform. Instead of worrying about HTML and pixel dimensions, you can choose from different text, video or graphics options, insert what you need onto the page, and then move or manipulate each item with your mouse. If you aren’t feeling creative, Wix offers over 100 customizable templates, almost all of which are attractive compared to other free options. (I’m looking at you Google Sites, with your ugly templates.)

In addition to their templates, Wix offers a free stock photo library. While you will most likely want to update your site with your own photos, their stock library makes it simple for you to get your site and up and running quickly. When you are finished with your design or ready to replace the images, all you need to do is click on the image and hit “change photo.” When you add a new image, it will maintain the same settings and dimensions as the original photo.

Wix offers websites in both Flash and HTML5. While most of us with iPhones cringe at the idea of a Flash site, they also give you the option to create a mobile-friendly version of the site. Plus, all Wix sites are created with SEO-friendly features such as metadata and an HTML mirror site, so search engines can rank and index you even if you opt for a Flash site.

If you want to set up a storefront on your site, you can choose an eCommerce template with shopping cart, checkout, and PayPal buttons. You can also add blogs, social media buttons, and video content with a few clicks.

So, what’s the catch? If you want to add a custom domain, you have to pay for it. And if you want to get rid of Wix ads, you have to pay a little more. Luckily, most premium options aren’t too pricey, and they offer vouchers for Google AdWords, Facebook ads, business cards and other perks. The most expensive plan is just $16.17 per month, and that includes the cost of your domain. The cheapest graphic designer I know charges $40 per hour, so if you are paying someone to help you make updates just six times a year, you would still be paying much more.

If you are the type of person who enjoys having hands-on control of your web design but don’t have the code knowledge of a graphic designer, I suggest that you try Wix or one of these competitors: Weebly, Webs, or Yola.


  1. Avatar Chris Bradley says:

    Did you mention

    This is also pretty neat-o.

  2. Avatar Dawn V Thurston says:

    A good friend of mine has been developing websites and doing a great job with SEO for several years, and he uses Wix. In fact, I was sworn to secrecy (at least insofar as the people who do marketing in our region go) regarding what program he was relying upon! He says that it is really very good, and offers many options for someone who wants to create a website that doesn’t look like a cookie cutter version of every other attorney’s website. :-)

  3. Avatar vlad says:

    Definitely a nice tool, but what about e-mail support.

  4. Avatar Jeremy says:

    Wix, just like any website builders, has its goods and bads. What I really like about Wix is that they have some of the best, professional templates available amongst website builders. They also have support / help buttons everywhere, and their help articles are comprehensive, including a short video illustrating how their features work. They’re very accessible, and you don’t have to dig through their support center.

    Although Wix has a lot of pre-made designer templates for you to choose from, one of the drawbacks is that once you’ve picked a template to use, you can’t switch to another template and literally have to rebuild your entire website. So pick your template carefully!

    • Jeremy

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