The Minnesota State Bar Associate today started offering free access to FastCase. FastCase got a mention here earlier this year. I gave it a test run yesterday for a brief I was writing, and really enjoyed using it. It is more simple than using Westlaw or Lexis, but returns good results in a fast and very easy-to-use interface.

FastCase doesn’t support the extensive terms and connectors that Westlaw does, but it does support basic boolean searching along with some advanced search terms and connectors. Very useful.

All in all, I’m thrilled with this new service from the MSBA. Even if this increases my dues a bit, I don’t mind. Compared to the increasingly exorbitant fees charged by Thompson-West and Lexis Nexis, FastCase is a bargain even at full price ($95/month).

Edit: For whatever reasons, the MSBA has not seen fit to post a link to its new services anywhere that anyone can find it. Use this link, if you want to access FastCase.

Want to learn more about FastCase and other online legal research tools? We have a portal for that.

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