So much gold in this.

Go ahead and read the whole thing (pdf).

Found on PACER by Sarah Jeong. (h/t @popehat)


  1. Avatar Paul Spitz says:

    OMG, I love me those sovereign citizen nutballs.

  2. Avatar Living Man says:

    Yeah me too Paul Spitz, certainly more than those corrupt judiciary citizen nut balls.

  3. Avatar Jason Attas says:

    Best line ever: “And people’s human rights are being violated faster than you can say the phrase “Willis B. Hunt, Jr. is a b*tch a*s hoe”.

    So great!

  4. Avatar Dee Stonewall says:

    Personally, I empathize w/ “those sovereign citizen nutballs” but I got exhausted reading all that vitriol. wink

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