More Law School Grads Go into SmallLaw than BigLaw

According to the ABA’s law school placement survey, “Nearly two-thirds of new grads who go into the private sector are going to small law firms rather than BigLaw, an analysis of ABA data shows.”

I’m not surprised, really. Big firms aren’t hiring, so new lawyers are left with few options. Not that going solo out of desperation is a particularly good idea. (Via Greedy Associates)


  1. Avatar shg says:

    They always have. They just didn’t write lawyerist posts about it.

  2. Avatar Erick Rhoan says:

    They’ll probably be happier there anyway.

  3. Avatar Wade Coye says:

    Small firms are the small businesses of the legal industry. Just like the focus is on small businesses to carry the economy through the recession. Small firms will continue to carry hiring through the contraction in the legal market. My firm has hired an attorney each of the last two years.

  4. Avatar Joe says:

    The segment of the legal market that hires almost exclusively from the top 10-15% of the top law schools accounts for only a small percentage of legal hiring in private firms?


    Slow news day?

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