The biggest county in Minnesota will begin testing an e-filing system for its courts later this year. While there is no timetable set for when e-filing will become standard practice, it should be considered of “when,” and not “if.” In fact, the courts anticipate it will become mandatory in the future.

Cost savings

In Minnesota, the move was prompted by the courts determination to become more efficient and cost effective. Not only will the courts save money, you will save money. You will no longer need to print out fifty-page affidavits.

Theoretically, you might not even need a printer. You will save money on postage, paper, and driving to the post office. You may be able to get rid of your expensive copier, and more expensive service visits to fix your copies. You may not have to dedicate a law clerk or paralegal to making copies on Friday afternoon to get every motion out the door.

In other words, there has never been a better time to make the move to being a paperless law office. It will also green up your law office.

Convenience and efficiency

Many times, I meet with a client and send them to the courthouse to get a full copy of their case before making a decision on representation. In particular, we handle motions to vacate judgments, making the Affidavit of Service an important document.

If clients are able to log onto a computer and a copy of their case record, it would save them an extra trip to the court and back to your office. It would also reduce the number of meetings you need to have with potential clients before accepting a case—making you more efficient.

Change is coming, so make the move to paperless, and make your law office greener!

(photo: bionicteaching)

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