If you are a lawyer and married to someone in the military, how do you stay licensed with all the moving involved? The Military Spouse JD Network wants to make it possible by dropping bar examination requirements for military spouses, and it is making progress. In February, the ABA decided to support changes in state licensing rules for military spouses (PDF), and the Idaho Supreme Court became the first state to adopt a rule to that effect (PDF).


  1. Avatar Nichole says:

    I am in this position and am a member of the Military Spouse JD Network. I’m recently barred in VA and started a solo practice. But, we’ll be moving to HI this summer. Taking a new bar each time you move jurisdictions is not only expensive, but often time prohibitive depending on how long you are in a jurisdiction. I’m very glad that the ABA is supporting us and look forward to more states doing so as well.

  2. Avatar Susan Gainen says:

    Law school career services directors have been sensitive to the plight of JD military spouses for years. I am glad that the ABA has supported this innovation.

    It doesn’t do much for the underlying employment problem, though. “Where should I take the bar?” was always followed by “what should I tell a prospective employer about how long I might be able to work?”

  3. Avatar Stephanie says:

    Anyone taking the HI bar, find me on the MIlitary Spouse JD FB page and I can fill you in on any questions you have! Stephanie Halford

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