It’s been a busy summer for Microsoft. First it was the mid-June announcement of the new Surface Tablet, and pundits everywhere debated whether the new device would be an iPad killer or not.

Then, it was the early July announcement of an unbelievably cheap upgrade to Windows 8. (You know your past pricing has been pretty steep when you have to put up a lengthy FAQ to convince people that yes, you really are only charging $40 for an upgrade.)

And on Monday, Microsoft announced the October 2012 release of Office 15, a.k.a. Office 2013. As widely predicted, they’re making a big push toward both the tablet and the cloud.

All this activity suggests that Microsoft is trying very hard to overcome the classic objections its users have had to purchasing upgrades: high cost and lack of significant feature improvements. In other words, “I can get along fine with what I already have, thank you very much.”

But what about you? Are any of these upgrades worth the time, trouble, and expense for your practice?

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