Smartphones are good for lots of things, but drafting and editing documents has never been an easy task, regardless of what phone you use.

It will never be easy, but for when the situation calls for it, Quickoffice gives you the ability to view and edit Microsoft Office documents from your phone.

What it does

Quickoffice will let you open, edit, and save Microsoft Word and Excel documents. It does not appear that Powerpoint files are supported at this time.

Quickoffice is not a full version of MS Word or Excel, so not every feature is available. It appears that a large majority, however, are supported. Realistically, most people would not have much interest in doing anything more than minor formatting changes from their smartphone.

Quickoffice also works with a variety of cloud-storage options—Dropbox, MobileMe, Google Docs, and That makes it easy to open and save edited files while on the go.

When would you use it?

Making excessive revisions on a document from a smartphone does not sound like fun to me. On the other hand, there are circumstances where making quick or minor revisions would make life easier.

If you travel frequently and want to make a change while in transit, this app could come in quite handy. During a meeting with opposing counsel—you can make minor changes to documents without needing a computer.

In my mind, the best use of this app is for when you do not expect it. There are multiple apps on my phone that I do not use regularly, but they have bailed me out of tight spots.

Quickoffice is capable of being much more than a safety blanket. At a minimum, however, it is worth adding to your phone for those unexpected moments.

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