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This is the latest installment of Dress for Success, Lawyerist’s column on fashion for lawyers, written by Staci Zaretsky and Josh Camson.

In my humble opinion, the key to being considered “well-dressed” is standing out from the crowd enough that people take notice, yet avoiding the appearance that you don’t fit in. cufflinks are a simple yet classy way to not only stand out a bit, but express yourself more than you can with a tie. Read on to find out where to get them, how to wear them, and why cufflinks can be the most fun a lawyer has with his outfit.

There are a lot of different styles, shapes, and prices to cufflinks. I own cufflinks that cost fifteen dollars, but on the other side of the spectrum, there are cufflinks worth over $400,000. Assuming you aren’t going to inherit those cufflinks from the new royal couple, you need someplace to buy cufflinks. Obviously the internet is a great start. You can find fun cufflinks between fifteen and fifty dollars pretty readily online. I also love department stores or outlets. They often don’t have a very wide selection, but they will likely have one reasonably priced pair that you like.

In order to wear the cufflinks, you need a shirt with the proper holes. These are called link cuffs. Essentially, instead of a button there is a hole for a cufflink. The sleeve should be pinched together with the outer sides of the sleeve facing away from each other. Thus you should be able to see both the front and back of the cufflink. Neither side should be against your skin like with a traditional button cuff. You’ve probably heard of the French cuff. These are the exact same thing but the length of the cuff is doubled and you fold the material back over itself before inserting the cufflink. I like the look of a French cuff, but sometimes the cuffs get a little too big and unwieldy, so be careful of which suit you are wearing the shirt with.

It’s unlikely that you get to express your interests or hobbies very much with your tie or suit. Sure, there are novelty ties out there with anything you could imagine on them, but how long will your initial client meeting last if you’re wearing a Looney Tunes tie? cufflinks allow you to push the limits a little bit, while not looking overly silly. A Superman tie? Wholly unacceptable. But a pair of Batman cufflinks? I call it geek chic.

So go ahead. Pick up a couple link cuff shirts and learn to express yourself a little bit.


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