At Minnesota CLE’s Family Law Institute (PDF link), I will presenting “10 Ways to Geek Out Your Practice,” a fast-paced presentation with 10 ways to profit by adding a bit of geek to your practice.

Here are the topics I am considering at the moment:

  1. Paperless law office
  2. Start a blog
  3. Get a website (or improve one) on the cheap
  4. Stop paying for software
  5. Encrypt your laptop
  6. Delete your email confidentiality notice
  7. Ditch your clunky, buggy, expensive time and billing software for better practice management software>
  8. Sync everything
  9. Build a document template and learn to use styles
  10. Never forget anything ever again

Let me know in the comments if there is something you want to see. I am still planning my presentation and I am open to other topics.


  1. How about: start using 2 monitors? (you could combine your existing #4 and #7 to keep the list at 10).

  2. Brad Kolacinski says:

    How about using 3D animation in the courtroom instead of simple Powerpoint presentations, clip art and 2D graphics? Seems “geeky” and cutting-edge.

  3. Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

    I see you have a vested interest in lawyers using 3D animation in courtrooms. While I am sure 3D is useful for reenactments of crime scenes, I can’t imagine it would be very useful for family lawyers.

  4. Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

    Dual monitors (or one really big one) is definitely worth mentioning.

  5. divorce mediation mediation says:

    I see you have a vested interest in lawyers using 3D animation in courtrooms

  6. Home Office Envy says:

    Does “stop paying for software” include SaaS solutions such as basecamp?

  7. Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

    Perhaps I should amend it to read “stop paying for software you don’t need” like Microsoft Office, Time Matters, Windows, etc. (Sorta kidding on Windows. Most people’s eyes glaze over when I say the word “Linux.”)

    There is software, including cloud apps, that are well worth paying for.

  8. Wm Paul Slough says:

    Why “delete your email confidentiality notice”? Our bar recommends we use one, though I agree it makes all my emails look ugly…

    What’s the reasoning against it? I assume because it really makes no difference, some has probably already read the email before they see the confidentiality disclaimer.

  9. Under “sync everything,” back up to a small form factor hard drive plugged into a USB port. When you go on vacation, bring it with you, along with your NETBOOK (not laptop). A netbook at 1 kg is much easier to carry and use when you happen by an internet cafe, than would be a laptop at 3 kg.

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