maximizeiphoneofflineEquip your iPhone with the right apps to maximize its utility when you cannot access the internet.

  1. Google Reader. If you like to read, or like to read to post your own articles, this is a must have. I actually prefer using the app over my laptop. It has a simple interface and flawless execution. The only problem is you must have internet service to use it. But that issue can be solved with…
  2. Instapaper/Read It Later. Allows you to quickly save web pages so you can read them offline later. The free Instapaper app puts a bookmark in your browser, “read later,” simply click the button and the page is stored for later (when you are on the plane, etc.) If you buy the Pro version of either one, it adds a few more nice features.
  3. Pretty basic, but still very useful. You never know when you might want to know what a word means, or you can use a synonym for another word.
  4. Encyclopedia. I have not purchased this app ($8.99 is pricey for an app), but it offers a full-text offline version of Wikipedia. Again, great reference source if you are sitting on a plane and need some quick background.

Mobile Tip: Turn Your iPhone or iPod Touch Into an Offline Mobile Reference Library | Web Worker Daily

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