Maximize Your Home Office

Using cloud computing and going paperless makes it easy to work from anywhere, including your house.

Working from home, however, can result in lower productivity and increased frustration. Here are some ways to increase productivity when working from home.

Maintain the same technology as your real office

There are lots of days when I avoid working from home because my home office is not an exact duplicate of my real office. I don’t have a ScanScap at my home office (handy for scanning notes from phone calls). My home printer is generally a piece of junk. As a result, printing and mailing anything is not very appealing.

My real office also has my preferred mouse and keyboard. Am I picky? Of course. But do those details matter? Absolutely. Upgrading my home office technology would not be ridiculously expensive. Frankly, if it allowed me to work from home more often, the savings in gas would probably cover the cost in a matter of months.

Your home office does not have to be an exact duplicate, but outfitting it with similar technology and other equipment is bound to increase productivity at home.

Add some personality to your home office

Chances are, your home office is either in the basement or in a room that is not used for much more than doing work. A home office is your chance to add some personality to your workspace. You might not want to hang your sports memorabilia in your real office, but it is a perfect fit for your home office. You might not want to paint your real office powder blue, but anything goes at your home office.

You want to have the same tools as your real office, but you should also take advantage of your home to make your office feel more relaxed and personable. For many people, working at home is more relaxing, which leads to an increase in productivity.


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  1. Avatar That Girl says:

    Hey, not to be a jerk but there was very little substance in this posting, and I think that the title is misleading because I was expecting lots of tips and product recommendations.
    I was hoping to learn about what kinds of technology, apps, furniture, would help me with my working from home.
    I know that Skype can be a major benefit, and can be used for free!
    I would like to know how to get a credit card service that I can get clients to use online, etc., since a lot of my clients are deadbeats.
    What about printing postage labels from home? I’ve heard there’s a way to do this, but I don’t know how.
    Should I keep my personal business records separate from my legal work? What are some ways I can do this? What is a good, space-saving, way to organize my library?

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