Mastering the Work-Life Balance

work/life balanceAchieve a better work-life balance by asserting yourself.

Asserting yourself may not necessarily mean leaving after working eight hours everyday, but taking more moderate steps. Try asking if you can work remotely once a week. Working from home can be nice at times and can at least make you feel like you are spending more time at home.

If your firm does not require it, do not check your email once you leave work. If you have a smartphone, turn it off, or at least turn the ringer off. Unless you are working on trial prep, or have been told otherwise, it can wait until tomorrow morning.

Admittedly, I do not work at a big firm. But so many young attorneys try and make themselves available 24/7. Doing so greatly enhances your chances of burning out quickly. You also alienate yourself from the people in your personal life when you cannot stay attentive for more than five minutes.

Just because you have the option of “always available” does not mean you should operate that way. Assert control over your work and your personal life will be much happier.

What Work/Life Balance Really Means | Fearfully Optimistic

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