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Use law firm website design best practicdes to turn your website into a powerful branding piece that impresseses your clients before they've even met you.

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We’ve spent over a decade helping lawyers find the right website designers, SEO experts, and marketing consultants for their needs. Our free assessment helps us understand your goals and budget for your next website or marketing project so we can help you make a great decision.

By this point in your life, you’ve seen hundreds of thousands of websites. Your clients have, too. And they have developed an innate ability to suss out the quality of your law firm website design. They will know, often subconsciously, if your page doesn’t have features that are commonplace in website design. And they will know if your page sings.

Here at Lawyerist, we have refined our feelings about your law firm website design and how it conveys to visitors why (and how) they should contact you. For example, do you explain what services you offer? Is your copy written with your clients (and future clients) top of mind? Does it load quickly? Is it designed to display well on any device, including small and large mobile screens using different browsers?

Check out our resources on law firm website design, and stay tuned to this page as we build out even more tools for you to use your website as a powerful branding piece that impresses your clients before they’ve even met you.