Law Firm Content Marketing

Law Firm Website Content & Copywriting

Your law firm website content is really important. It is also really difficult to do well, particularly for lawyers. We have lots of resources to help.

The legal copywriting on your firm’s website is really important. It is also really difficult to do well, particularly for lawyers.

Goals for Your Legal Copywriting

Your page’s content needs to quickly and compellingly speak to your future clients. It needs to attract search engines (which have different algorithms and sometimes surface different content as a result). And it needs to tell your prospective clients what to do next (like scheduling a consultation, downloading a form, answering a question, or signing up for your sweet email newsletter).

Law Firm Website Content Tips & Tools

We have a laundry list of best practices for your legal copywriting on Lawyerist. You can read more below, of course. But in the meantime, check out a few quick tips to get you started.

First, web pages featuring a single topic are better than those with many topics crammed into one page. Using a single-topic structure makes it easier for search engines to find you, which makes it easier for future clients to find you. As an added bonus, when your future clients do find you, you’ll have made it easier for them to uncover useful information on your site that actually answers their most critical questions (and, hopefully, some less-critical ones, too).

Try not to “sound like a lawyer.” Let’s face it. Your law school experience probably mucked up your real-world writing skills. You’ve become so adept at making brilliant legal arguments that it has become a challenge for you to use simple words to explain complex ideas. But you have to. Your website copy isn’t written for a judge or for other lawyers. It is written for someone who might feel overwhelmed or scared or anxious, and someone who doesn’t want to feel stupid when they come to talk with you. Put them at ease. Write like a human, not a lawyer bot.

Do you want to make it easy? Try to tell a great story. Everyone loves a great story. And great storytellers feel more human, more relatable, and more memorable to the people hearing those stories. Trust us. You—and your website’s content—need to be more human, more relatable, and more memorable.