Best Law Firm Websites, 2015 Edition

This year we had over 100 nominations for the best law firm website of 2015. Here is the list of the ten best sites from around the country.

This year we had over 100 nominations for the best law firm website of 2015. With the help of Lawyerist contributors we narrowed the list to the ten best.

Best is a relative term, of course. Everybody has their own standards. In general, we were all looking for distinctive, well-designed, responsive websites with clear calls to action. In other words, websites that make the law firm look good and get visitors to contact the firm. For the most part, we all agreed on the best, but there are a couple of polarizing websites in the top 10. We’ll let you guess which are which.

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Bighorn Law


Waldon Adelman Castilla Hiestand and Prout


Foster Pepper


Velocity Legal and Tremain Artaza

This year, we probably had a dozen nominations nearly identical to Velocity Legal and Tremain Artaza. All are great-looking websites, and almost all are built on SquareSpace using one of its most popular themes, Bedford.

If you just want a quick DIY website, SquareSpace a good way to get a decent one. Just keep in mind that your website will hardly be distinctive, and the design is just the beginning. If you decide to save money by going with SquareSpace, consider spending the savings on some copywriting help and a better logo (of the two here, I think Velocity pulls off the theme better, largely because its logo doesn’t look like it was just pasted into a site it doesn’t match).


Conroy Simberg


Berner Klaw & Watson


Chewning Legal


Staver Law Group

This site has an unfortunate live chat pop-up that blocks the site after a few seconds.


Abes Baumann

This site also has an unfortunately live chat pop-up. People, these suck. Don’t use them.

Next: honorable mention.


Honorable Mention: Loveless Law Group

From the jokesters behind last year’s Zombie Law comes Loveless Law Group. Join the class action against Cupid!

Interested in submitting your website to next year’s contest? Look for our call for nominations the first week in January.