Best Law Firm Websites, 2011 Edition

Here are the 10 best law firm websites of 2011. We reviewed hundreds of entries to select the top law firm websites of the year.

The best law firm websites in 2010 article created an overwhelming response, awarding it the #1 most viewed and favorite article of 2010 by vote. This obviously indicates that attorneys and law firms are often searching for visual examples of how to make their law firm website look the best and stand out from many of the typical sites with stock images of columns and gavels.

While there are many Lawyerist articles about how to improve your website with better content, increase traffic with link building, and many other website basics you cannot ignore the impact of the first impression of your law firm website design.

For your website to achieve the level of the best law firm website design you will need to invest in hiring someone who understands and is able to execute your vision. You can be sure that none of these attorney websites were designed by an attorney. This time around this article is including a few law firm websites that have been awarded as the best law firm website by various agencies to support my opinions.

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Law firm website: Clyde & Co

Notes: This website was awarded “Overall Best UK Law Firm Website, Intendance ‘Fast 50′ Solicitors’ Website Awards” and it is easy to see why. The home page highlights engaging photos of a featured office that pull your eye in and include great color contrast to the otherwise calm and neutral site.

Law firm website: Get Legal

Notes: While this is not actually a law firm website, it was the winner of the People’s Voice award of the Webby awards of 2009 . The site has a great contrast of dark and light neutral colors, clean and obvious presentation of the logo, and logical layout of all the information.

Law firm website: Thompson Coburn

Notes: This fits in the “best law firm websites” category because it was recognized in the “nifty fifty” awards of 2006. Once again the home page features calming neutrals that draw your eye to the colors in the imagery. The news section is uncluttered and the “Our People” section creates interest and personality by showing a different attorney on each visit.

Law firm website: Arent Fox

Notes: This website uses Flash, a huge no-no. However, it is only in a small part of the intro and the design is really nice so lets ignore the elephant in the room for a moment. This grid layout does an excellent job of introducing color and concepts that are pleasing to the eye.

Law firm website: Wilmer Hale Careers

Notes: This site was awarded the best law firm website of 2010 by the Web Marketing Association based on its design, ease of use, copywriting, interactivity, use of technology, innovation, and content. The firm has done a good job adding personality but I find the dark navigation too heavy to balance the otherwise lighter elements.

Law firm website: Liza Burke Law

Notes: Full disclosure: this is a website that I designed, but let me tell you why it qualifies as one of the best law firm websites. The slideshow is gorgeous and conveys appropriate emotion for a difficult topic. Also, the minimal use of color ensures that the logo stands out and the links support the branding and make the site more functional.

Law firm website: Frost Brown Todd

Notes: Another winner from the Web Marketing association’s awards for best law firm websites from 2005. The site uses bright captivating and unique colors and has clean, professional personalized imagery.